[WIAW] What a week

What a week people…what a week.

This week has been one of those go-go-go! kind of weeks, which are good in the sense that they fly by, but bad in the sense that my head feels like it’s about to explode. No really, I’ve had a solid headache since Monday. I thought maybe it was due to my increase in caffeine, but it just won’t let up. I’ve been downing water like crazy but even that hasn’t helped. Boo headache.WIAWbutton 
Until yesterday, the mornings here in LA have been overcast and quite gloomy. While they were still muggy [bleh], there’s something about an overcast sky that has me craving oats and coffee. Which is what breakfast has been lately!

IMG_7375 egg white oats topped with bloobs, naner & PB with a side of coffee

Shout out to Bestie for getting me this awesome new purple mug. She has one just like it in brown. We’re cute and matchy-matchy like that 😉

I’ve been alternating between rolled oats and steel cut oats, just for something a little different each day, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t particularly like steel cut. I mean I do like that they have a crunchier texture. I think it helps to give the entire bowl a little more oomph, but if I really had to pick? Rolled oats, each and every time!

Lunch was something kind of random. I was craving a salad [weird, I know], but didn’t want to have to turn my stove on to cook up any chicken. I thought about just using beans for the protein, but opted for tuna instead!

tunasalad spinach, strawberries, tuna, feta & balsamic

I know tuna and strawberries sounds gross, but this salad actually hit all the right notes. Plus I didn’t have to turn on my stove, which is always a win in my book! I considered adding some carrots & hummus on the side to bulk up the meal more, but this plate actually filled me up pretty well! I didn’t feel any rumblings in the tummy for about 3 hours.

Snack time of course involved a few of my crack Power Balls. The lack of carbs at lunch had me craving them around 3 o’clock, so I reached in to my stash of balls 😉

IMG_7423 x3

Snack time for me is seriously the best now that I don’t count calories anymore. I remember having to try to figure out what I could squeeze into my day. I was [of course] always hungry, so the apple or rice cake topped with fat free cream cheese I’d eat never filled me up. It’s nice being able to inhale 3 of these little bites without even thinking about how many calories are in them. Better yet, it’s nice to not even care how many calories are in them.

Dinner was on the go, so I grabbed a quick pita sandwich from one of my favorite places. I also got some roasted vegetables on the side to pump up the nutrition!

IMG_7431 Chicken Pita

Ninja and I spent the afternoon at the beach with our youth group, and since I wasn’t feeling the bean and cheese burritos we were getting the kids, I brought my own dinner instead! I could eat greek pita’s everyday for the rest of my life.

And of course, what beach day is complete without a little ice cream? As soon as I walked in the door I took out my frozen bananas and whipped myself up a bowl of banana soft serve for dessert.

IMG_7433 banana soft serve topped with chocolate chips

I love chocolate. What you don’t see in this picture is the two one handful of chocolate chips that went straight into my mouth. No shame here!


What’s your go-to salad look like?
Ice cream after beach days? It’s a must for me!


  1. says

    I was about to eat a smoothie for breakfast, but you’ve inspired me to have oatmeal cause yours looks SO good. Also, Greek food is something I live for. There’s not much better than a good greek meal xx
    Katherine recently posted…Grandfather Mountain.My Profile

  2. Tara says

    With those headaches that just won’t let up, I take magnesium and it almost always does the trick!

    BTW, that salad looks amazing! Thanks for the great idea!

    • Kat says

      Thanks for the tip! Ive never had an issue with headaches like this before, but I’ll definitely be looking into magnesium if I can’t get it under control!

  3. says

    Oh yes, it’s nice not to worry about whether or not a snack “fits” into your calorie budget for the day when you don’t count anymore. Eating number-less is more fun though I’ll admit I still have some days of overthinking where I fall back into it a little.
    Ice cream is mandatory on beach days. It’s not a fully fledged beach day without ice cream.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…[Un]typically meMy Profile

  4. says

    I just discovered your blog and your eats looks absolutely amazing! I could literally jump through my screen and eat your breakfast right now (even though its 7pm here, haha!) so relish!

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