WIAW – travel edition

Happy WIAW!! By the time you start reading this, I will be on the road and on the way to my Daddy’s!! *happydance* But I am a creature of habit, and since this party is the one “cool” blogger thing I get to do, I just couldn’t miss out on it!!

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays

So here’s a quick WIAW for you – travel edition!IMG_2880 toasted ww bagel, whipped cream cheese, apple slices, cinnamon

I wanted a substantial breakfast to get me through the morning, as well as something with some spice to get me up and going in the morning. I wanted to leave at 5:30am, and when it’s still dark out it can be hard to get myself going!! My favorite breakfast always picks me right up though.

Food for the roadIMG_3120

cream cheese and PB sammi for me, cream cheese bloob bagel for Ninja, along with several cutie’sdecwiawlifesaver candies and chocolate pretzels

The trip only takes 5-6 hours, so there’s no need to pack an entire cooler full, plus we usually get some stuff at the gas station when we stop (coffee for me, soda and maybe even donuts for Ninja)

You can never be too careful though, so I threw a couple more things in my bag just in casedecwiaw2string cheese and cherries 

I’ll be off the grid for the next few days probably, however I did just create an Instagram! Follow me and you’ll probably get lots of updates this week. I get a little picture happy when it comes to my siblings!


Favorite food to pack for a road trip?


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    PB & Cream Cheese? THat’s definitely not a combo I would have thought of but now you have me intrigued! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Bars (preferably ones higher in protein) are my go-to road trip snacks to pack!

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    I always pack more snacks than I think I need because the thought of being hungry and stuck in a car is just too much to bear. Fruit, trail mix, crackers, cookies, muffins, and gummy bears are probably my favorite things to take. Hope you had a safe drive, hun!

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    Oh those pretzels are definitely deadly and delicious! We don’t usually pack a ton of food during our road trips. Usually if we have to plan it around a meal, we stop by In N Out.

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    Hiya stranger! Jeeze I miss you and your blog :( Time to catch myself up!!! First off have a wonerful trip and enjoy Dad time! Family time is the best. I’m seeing those pretzles all over blog world and instagram, but they do sound amazing. Off to find you on instagram! :)

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    aw man, my instagram doesn’t work anymore cuz my phone apps always give me trouble! :( I’ll add you when I’m able to get back on it though. :)And I love to pack nutrition bars, nuts, fruit, and small chobani cases. :)

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