[WIAW] Snap Peas & Purple Potatoes

Well hello there my little raw dough lovers :)

I’m currently sipping my third second mug of coffee this morning while simultaneously listening to Gavin Degraw and typing this post, so if I happen to break out in lyrics later in this post, blame the caffeine rush and musical influence. That being said, let’s jump right into this business!


IMG_7496 wheat toast topped with PB & apricot jam, eggs & berries

It’s been one of those “omg I can’t figure out what I want to eat for breakfast” kind of weeks. Although I blame this apricot jam I found at the store. It’s so flippin’ tasty, that I’ve just been putting it on everything lately. Side note, while I’ve never been a huge fan of the nut butter and sweet potato combo, I have discovered that I do love the coconut butter & jam on sweet potato combo. Never tried it? Do itttttttt.


IMG_7512Let’s just all take a moment to laugh hysterically at Jax being mauled by Opie in the corner of this picture…

I snatched these puppies up this weekend after trying some free sample and OMG why has no one every told me how amazing these things are? I may or may not have polished off an entire bag by myself in 2 days. But hey, there’s only 2 1/2 servings per bag, so can you really blame me?

IMG_7516 And before you ask, yes I did lick my fingers to make sure I got every last morsel of this goodness.

With only 1 bag remaining, I’m slightly kicking myself for only buying 2 of them. The deal was 2 for $5, and I should’ve bought at least 2 more bags. I mean, when you find something you love, you should go all out, am I right?


IMG_7540 broccoli, taters & baked chicken

Leftovers to the rescue! And yes, those are purple potatoes tucked in there. I’m just going to come out and say it, I freaking love all things potatoes. I bought these little suckers last week and have been having them in some shape or form nearly daily. Doused in just a touch of reduced sodium ketchup and they are sheer perfection to me!

Of course it was enjoyed with a side of…

IMG_7521Let’s not even go into how freaking perfect this pairing is. Ok, maybe we should :)

At 1st sip I thought this stuff was just ok, but since it’s all natural and made without any sweeteners, I wanted just a little extra something in there. After NuNaturals kindly sent me a sample package, I knew I had to give this combo a try. Holy freaking perfection. First off, cherry vanilla stevia? Ohhhh yes. It’s so right in so many ways. Combine that with a cranberry/raspberry drink? No words to describe it.


IMG_7556veggie pizza

I just couldn’t cook yesterday guys. After my 9pm soccer game Monday night [seriously, who plays soccer that late?!], I of course got little to no sleep which meant that Tuesday I was in a fog most of the day. Ninja [bless his heart] knew this, and provided dinner to the best of his ability. Alright in all seriousness, he just wanted pizza. But he did also know that his wife was struggling to stay awake ;)

It’s so funny, because my usual freak out over having pizza twice in two weeks, just isn’t there anymore. I didn’t even bat an eye lash at seeing a plate with pizza thrust into my hands. Food is food now, and that’s just something so surreal and different for me. I think I kinda like it.


I could eat pizza almost everyday. What’s one food you could never get sick of?

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