WIAW – Finally Feels Like Fall

Happy WIAW! Hope you guys are doing well so far this week. Let’s jump right in shall we?

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Apparently, my body is slowly switching into fall mode, because my breakfasts have been quite hearty lately. I typically try to get in a lot of calories in the morning to last me through my workout, but these past few days the meals have looked very carb heavy. I’m thinking that’s my body’s way of telling me to store up for winter time!

breakfast Green Monster Cakes topped with almond butter, a naner and flaxseeds
WW bagel with 1 egg and guacamole along with some berries

Of course no workout is complete without my post workout green smoothie


Unfortunately, I’ve found that recently I need to rely on my green smoothie to help me get in any greens for the day. With the weather cooling down, my desire for salads has diminished and although smoothies are cold, they are perfect for me post workout. So I’m really trying to work on adding more greens into my diet, but I’m not going to stress about it. As long as I get my fresh greens into my smoothie, I’m just going to roll with it!

Seriously, these bars have taken over my cupboard. I have several different flavors, and eat one almost daily.


As for lunches, well I’ve been going with quick and simple meals recently, especially when I have work. I’ve really been trying to pack my lunch the night before so that my mornings aren’t so rushed!


Kale & Quinoa Salad

I don’t think I will ever get sick of this dish. I make a big batch of it on Sunday and munch on it throughout the week. Some days I have it as a snack, and others it makes up the majority of a meal. The flavors, the simplicity and the nutrients keep me craving it daily!

At around 3 o’clock everyday I get the major snack bug. Typically I come up with something nutritious, like carrots and hummus, but some days, all I want is a bag of this kettle corn.


Alex, I know you feel me on this stuff girl!

As for dinner, well this one is going to be a bit of a tease. I recently created this meal, and it has taken over as Ninja’s favorite dish. I now make this dish once a week, and each time I mention it Ninja’s eyes light up. Ninja’s a huge fan of mexican, so I’m pretty sure any mexican I dish I make he adores, but this one makes him extra excited!

IMG_2658 Mini Taco Cups

As I said, this is just a teaser. You will have to check back for the recipe!! It will be up next!


Do you ever have days where you snack constantly?
Do you try to pick healthy snacks or do you just grab and go?


  1. says

    Cooler weather definitely calls for more carbs. Like egg sandwiches. Oh yes. And hey, between green pancakes, green smoothies, and a kale salad, doesn’t sound like your greens intake is too shabby to me. And anything mini and in a tortilla cup? Sounds delish, looking forward to that recipe!

  2. says

    It’s been coooooold here lately and my eating habits have definitely changed as a result. I’ve been craving a lot more carby, sugary foods… which I guess is just my body needing some extra fuel to keep warm. And girl, you KNOW I’m all about the snacking 😉 There are days where I literally don’t even eat real meals (aside from breakfast) and just end up snacking like 10 times a day. I try to keep them healthy for the most part, but sometimes you just can’t say no to cookies, candy, or popcorn.


  3. says

    YESSSSSSSS that kettle corn is the most addictive and delicious stuff EVER haha!! 😀
    Those mini taco cups are so cute and tasty looking too! I can’t wait for the recipe!

  4. says

    Those little taco cups are just the cutest! They look so yummy. I definitely eat fewer veggies in the winter. I need to be better about that this year!

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