[WIAW] Eat All The Fats

Holla at me party people!

WIAWbutton Yikes…let’s just ignore that ghetto outburst, shall we?

So remember how I told you guys that I couldn’t contain my hunger? Well, apparently that also means I can’t control my fat intake. Not that I’m complaining at all, because let’s be honest, fats are delicious. If you think I’m exaggerating well, here’s the proof…..

Fat #1

Breakfast was a nice, big, full bowl of oats due to my early morning wake up call [ie Opie needing to go potty]. At first I thought she just wanted snuggles, but then she kept nudging her nose into my neck, which I know means “get the heck up, mommy!” She proceeded to tear out the dog door as soon as I opened it, and I of course walked straight to my coffee maker.

IMG_7420 steel cut oats, cinnamon, apple & peanut butter

I’m not a huge fan of steel cut oats, but I’ve had a huge bag of the stuff in my cabinet for quite some time now, so I’ve decided to try to make a dent in it. While I prefer the consistency of rolled oats over steel cut, I must admit that the steel cut oats due tend to fill me up longer. Which is good, considering that I’ve been unable to squash this overactive hunger of mine.

Fat #2

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I get an intense craving for carrots. Sometimes I can’t stand the little nubs, but lately I’ve been snacking on them daily. Of course I don’t just eat them straight up, because that would just be silly, but I’ve fallen into this new obsession of hummus mixed with salsa. I’ve found it makes one heck of a carrot dip!

IMG_7448 I shall call you, Salmus? Or maybe Humsa?

Whatever name it ends up having, this little creation has quickly become one of my favorites. Although it needs a new color because this honestly looks kind of gross. Maybe I won’t be sharing anymore pictures of this….

Fat #3

Didn’t I just tell you guys that I don’t do avocado-less salads? Here’s more proof of that….

IMG_7437greens topped with roasted red peppers, chicken, feta, avocado & balsamic dressing

Before you even ask, why yes, that is an entire half of an avocado. The more the merrier when it comes to avocado in my eyes! Also, this salad was bore out of the complete necessity to get the frick out of my kitchen. It’s been high 80’s low 90’s out here as of late, which means that Kat is basically always sweaty and sticky. Gross.

Nothing cools you down like a nice salad though!

Now I know that my fat consumption is pretty high up there already in this post, so I kept it to a big fat zero when it came to my second snack of the day.

IMG_7459 While I may want this heat to go away, my love for watermelon has me begging it to stick around just a tad bit longer. Literally nothing is as refreshing to me as cold watermelon on a hot day.

This may also be the 2nd watermelon I have polished off in as many weeks…by myself….

Fat #4

For dinner I was back on the fat obsession, however I kept it to just a tiny swipe of hummus. I’m not a big fan of dry wraps, and I don’t particularly like mustard on my wraps or sandwiches, so I just dabbed a teaspoon or so on the tortilla to give it some oopmh.

IMG_7445 wheat tortilla, hummus, romaine, chicken, red peppers

Such a simple but yummy combination! Ninja and I were rushing out the door to youth group so I pretty much inhaled this poor thing, but I do vaguely remember it being pretty tasty 😉

So all in all, a tasty day of eats, with a load of healthy fats in there. Of course I don’t always eat this many fats. but lately it seems like my body has been really calling out for them. Not to mention, my hair and nails have gotten super strong because of it!!


What’s your favorite source of healthy fats?


  1. says

    I think my #1 favourite fat source will always and forever be almond butter, but I have to admit that avocado comes in a close second. And have you ever tried mixing steel cut with regular rolled oats? You have to kind of play around with the water ratios and cooking times to figure out what you like, but you get the best of both worlds so I definitely recommend giving it a shot!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. epic food survey pt2 .My Profile

  2. SB says

    Hmmm…I’m not sure how a spoon of peanut butter, a blob of hummus mixed with (fat free) salsa and some avocado could be considered even a somewhat fat-heavy day, let alone enough to warrant moderating fat intake for subsequent meals.

  3. says

    Humsa! Salmus reminds me too much of salmon and that’s one of those foods I have never eaten and will never eat. Salsa + hummus? Absolutely.
    Without a doubt the best – read: my favourite – source of fat are nut butters. I got a new jar of hazelnut butter after not having any for months yesterday and it’s so incredibly good.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…The Sometimes – Always – Never EditionMy Profile

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