WIAW – attack of the bunnies

It’s just a bunny!

That bunny’s got big fangs!

Have I ever told you guys that I have a very addictive and obsessive personality? I’m sure I have…or if I haven’t, I’m sure you’ve figured it out. Once I get hooked on to something I tend to stay hooked for quite some time. You’ll understand this whole battle in just a sec….

WIAWbutton Breakfast:

There’s still waffleling going on over here. Yes, I just created the world waffeling. I kind of think it has a nice ring to it…

IMG_6322chocolate peppermint waffle topped with peanut flour sauce & half a naner

My taste buds sure are bipolar. I’ve been craving chocolate (ok, when am I NOT craving chocolate) but I’ve also really had a hankering for mint lately. Hence the birth of this little waffle post workout. I made it for the first time last week and it’s been my go to waffle since. And yes, the peanut flour sauce mixed with the mint and chocolate may be a tad bit…odd, but it works.

Snack #1

Enter in my newest obsession. Quite frankly, I blame Amanda for this one. Just putting it out there…


bunny grahams, apple & dark chocolate dreams pb

These dang bunnies guys…I swear. I don’t even mean to eat them. It’s almost like they hop right out of the cupboard and onto my plate. Or straight into my mouth. I’ve literally got no control around these darn things!


Leftovers to the rescue once again! I swear I would probably end up eating oatmeal or a pb&j sandwich everyday if I didn’t have leftover in the fridge.

IMG_6304random veggies,chicken, soba noodles and stir fry sauce

Stir fry’s are where it’s at when you need some veggies! Which is probably why they are one of my favorite kind of meals. There really is no thought process to them. You just dump stuff in the pan and get to cooking!

Snack #2 aka Post Workout

And the bunnies strike again…IMG_6416 plain greek yogurt, stevia, bloobs & bunny grahams

There wasn’t even a point to having them in this snack other than because I wanted them in there. Saying I’m addicted is pretty much an understatement at this point. On the other hand, I wasn’t really feeling this brand of yogurt I picked up. I’m thinking I’d better get back to my plain Fage or Chobani.


I got a little bit creative when dinner rolled around.


ground turkey lettuce cups

These little babies hit.the.spot. They were exactly what I was craving (and hopefully what Ninja wanted too) and were super easy to boot. I served some seasoned brown rice on the side with Ninja’s meal to give it a bit of a boost, but 4 lettuce cups were more than enough for my hungry belly.

Snack #3

Can’t go to bed without some chocolate in me!IMG_6452 Chocolate Chip Coconut Bites

Soooo batch #1 is basically gone already *hangs head in shame* I really got to work on this whole willpower thing. Maybe next batch I’ll do better…


Ever tried any Annie’s products? I’m realizing I adore all of them!
What’s one food that you eat everyday and never get sick of?


  1. says

    Apples. Every single day I eat at least three apples and I never, ever get bored or tired of them. I literally love them every single time. And my daily morning porridge. I literally love those two things and look forward to them every day. I am that sad.
    Sadly I have never tried these strange bunny biscuit things you speak of…but I imagine I would be addicted to them too!

  2. says

    I think you know how I feel about those bunnies 😆 They’re ridiculous. I keep telling myself I’m going to stop buying them so I can’t eat them, but every time I’m in the store, without fail, bunnies in my basket. There are worse addictions, I suppose. And a few others? Bananas, chocolate, and DRIED FRUIT. Omg.

  3. says

    I wish I could find those bunnies! I am still not finding them anywhere. *le sigh..* I love dipping my apples in some type of pb. It makes them all the better. That waffle tho. 😀

    Stirfrys are marvelous.

    Your eats look delicious, girl!

  4. says

    Girl my craving for chocolate has been running wild these days!!! Like I wake up at 4 am and have a piece. I really like the word “waffling”. Can we start our own waffle business and call it Kat and Jessie’s Waffling Shack? (can’t use House.. Waffle house may press charges LOL)

  5. says

    Anne’s bunnies are SO good! I went to the grocery store yesterday on the hunt for them (I blame Amanda too) but ended up with Teddy Grahams. They will have to do!

  6. says

    I’ve been craving lettuce wraps for a few weeks, and every single time I am buying groceries, I forget to get them! Mm! I’ve also been desperate for waffles, but we don’t have a waffle maker, and I haven’t seen one online/in a store accessible to me. It’s sad.

    Oh, and just like Anna @AnnaTheApple, I eat about three apples a day. It’s pretty ridiculous, but yumm.

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