What’s In My Bag?

First off, all the comments on yesterday’s post are awesome. I love that you guys have my back and want to punch my Doc in the face just as much as I do. I hope one day the BMI chart will be a thing of the past. Or will at least, be a part of a combination of charts used to gage someone’s health. Until then, I say burn them all.


I always found the “what’s in your bag” posts to be fun. I really think it gives you a bit of a glimpse into someone. I was going to share my soccer/workout bag with you guys, but I thought it might give you a bit of a scare, so I went the safe route. Maybe one day you will get to see the inner workings of my soccer bag, but until then, my purse will have to do!


Ninja bought me this purse for our anniversary 2 years ago. I love how big it is, and how it can be used as a cross body bag or a simple handle can be used. It’s my everyday bag, but when we go out I do switch to something smaller.

Ready for the inside?IMG_2754


An overview of everything


Dark Chocolate – Almond Butter – Trail Mix – Tea – Stevia

Normally I don’t carry this much with me, but this is also my work bag, so apparently I was feeling the munchies last week and stocked up on the essentials. And yes, dark chocolate is an essential. IMG_2759

RayBans – mint – chapsticks – hair ties – pen 

IMG_2762Wallet – Planner 

I carry a planner with me everyday, everywhere. I even take it to Daddy’s house, even though I know there is nothing to plan there. I’m a creature of habit, so maybe having it with me is like a security blanket. I just feel kind of lost and naked without it.

fitbook My Fit Book, also known as my workout book. I keep this with me not to track my workouts, but to be able to have a place to jot ideas down or write down new moves to try. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been at work and am hit with a new workout idea. It’s kind of sick actually. I need workouts anonymous.


What does your purse look like?
Do you have any “strange” items in it?


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    I am one of those weird girls that actually doesn’t carry a purse. When I go out and about close by I just bring my wallet (which I just carry..prob not safe) and my phone. When I go somewhere further away I do bring a small bag, but even then it’s just for my wallet, phone, and keys. If I’m going EVEN farther, like hours away from home, I will bring a medium bag that way I can stash food. I can’t go more than like 3 hours without something to eat! I love your fitbook, and LOVEE YOUR sunnies!

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    Love your fit book!!! Such a cute idea.
    Also, love the whole what’s in your bag, such a neat blog post and very interesting! Inspires me to do my own post!

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    Hehe I’m always secretly nosy about what other people carry around in their purses, and I’m working on my purse post for tonight as well 😉 Good old WEGO. I actually never thought that I carried that much, but apparently I do 😯 Better safe than sorry? And I guess the strangest thing I ever carry around is a jar of AB because I can’t find any of the individual squeezy packets here… I’m extra careful with my purse on those days…

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    1. I love that you carry nut butter with you.
    2. I too have an obsession with carrying my planner with me wherever I go. It’s like my own little baby
    3. Hope you had a great weekend xo

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    Haha workouts anonymous! That’s not a shabby group to be a part of, I’d say! Shoot, once baby arrived all I carry with me is his diaper bag, my wallet, Chapstick and phone. When I was a purse-carrying gal, I would always have a stash of “feminine” products justttt in case, and a Larabar. My purse is huge like yours, so sometimes I would over do it and fill it with my bible, a journal, my water bottle, wallet, and it would get so heavy. I feel like an elementary school kid with a 20lb backpack and back issues!

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