Turkey Day Recap

Hey Hey I’m back!! Hope you all had a fabulous Turkey Day holiday. I’m looking forward to some blog catch up and some normal (for me) food!! As soon as we got home today I unpacked the car then jumped back in it to head to the store for some much needed produce. I really enjoyed my 3 days of holiday food, but I can feel my body kinda starting to hate me. Time to get back to the grind!

Like I told you guys before I left, I REALLY didn’t want this Turkey Day to be about the food, so I honestly didn’t take many food pictures. I snapped the Turkey Day meal though!

IMG_2835 sourdough bread rounds, spinach dip, provalone and cheddar cheese, ritz crackers

Ninja and I were basically starved by the time we reached daddy’s at 9:30am Turkey Day morning. We had been on the road since 4am, so although I did pack us some bars and grapes, our tummies were more than ready for food by the time we arrived! I devoured this plate, then helped myself to a second.

IMG_2841 green beans, mashed taters, roll, pistachio salad, and my feta, cranberry edamame salad

I know what your thinking. No turkey? No stuffing? Nope, not a fan. I’m actually not a fan of Turkey Day food at all, hence why my plate is made up of random stuff. I ate my fill of cheese and crackers though!

The weekend was pretty much filled with more of the same food. There was also some soup, some bagels, and some homemade pizza thrown in there, but nothing too exciting.

The best part of the Turkey Day holiday? Seeing these kiddos.IMG_2836

Brother and I being silly


Little Sissy and I

And like always, we had quite the adventures! First up, we went on our annual Turkey Day bike ride after we filled our bellies.IMG_2846 IMG_2847

On Saturday, we all piled in Daddy’s truck and went pine cone hunting for a DIY project I am doing later this month. The kiddos helped me wrangle up some fallen pine cones, and we took in the scenery.

IMG_2849 This is a view I don’t see much living in LA!

IMG_2850 Ninja and Little Sissy

Later that night, Little Sissy and I played makeovers. And when I say we, I mean I sat there and let her go to town with her makeup on my face.

IMG_2853 Bright red lips, shimmery eye shadow, pearl earrings, pearl necklace and glitter gel in my hair


Then the kids and I piled on daddy for a little family picture


Little Sissy and I giving daddy kisses and Little Bro doing… I’m not quite sure what he’s doing.

As always, it was tough to say goodbye, but I just reminded the kids that I would be up again after Christmas to see them. Most of the time when I tell them things like that, I am doing it more for my benefit than theirs. Sometimes I feel like I am literally having to force myself into the car. I just hate leaving them.

BUT, such is life. I am very blessed to have all that I have, and that is what I try to remember.


What was your favorite part of Turkey Day this year?
Do you find it hard or easy to go back into “normal” eating after the holidays?


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    AWWWWWW!!!!! What a fantastic turkey day :) You have to have the most adorable family ever, and your little sis looks just like you! Christmas will be here before you know it!

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    Awwwr! <3 So great to hear that you had such a good time with the family! And I love the makeovers you guys did… lookin' gorgeous 😉 I wouldn't say that I have too hard of a time getting back to normal eating after the holidays because I've never really been one to go crazy on the holidays. Fruits and veggies definitely start looking more appealing after a few days without them though.

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    Oh wowww you don’t like turkey?! hahaha I’m such a turkey fan that I’ve been eating it.every.single.day…..! 😛 And you guys are such a cute family, I always wanted lil siblings! And omygosh your brother looks so much bigger and more mature each time he comes up on a post. I’m not kidding! It just goes to show how quickly boys grow. 😀

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    Gorgeous family!! So glad you had a wonderful time. I am not a fan of turkey (obviously) either so my plate is always made up of random sideS!! I love it though! You are a great older sister!!

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    What fun it all looks- glad you had a great time :)! After a few days of indulging, all I want to do is go back to normal eating…let’s just say that veggies taste best after the holidays!

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