Tis the season for Nog.

Happy WIAW!! My schedule has been so thrown off this week, so excuse me if this post is a bit all over the place. Work is kicking my butt trying to get me to finish everything up before the holidays, but Thursday is my last day, so I’m pushing hard!

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays

Breakfast has been the same the past few days, always with a nice mug full of my favorite homemade applesauce.IMG_3048 ww toast with PB and homemade applesauce

There has been one different element to my breakfasts lately however. One very delicious new addition.wiawdec3EGGNOG!!!

Am I the only one who absolutely adores this high fat high calorie beverage? It’s a good thing Christmas time is the only time you can get eggnog. I typically drink an entire carton by myself on Christmas day. Of course then I don’t have an appetite for anything else, but who cares? ‘Tis the season for some Nog!!

wiawdec4 yogurt – green monster – string cheese

Holiday nails anyone? Red with white tips and some glitter. I’m getting into the holiday spirit over here people!

wiawdec5Balsamic meatballs with brown rice and broccoli – kale & quinoa salad (minus the kale!) -  green beans, sweet taters with ketchup – cherries – roasted chickpeas

I’m glad beans are good for you, because I’ve been eating roasted chickpeas buy the cupful. I can’t seem to get enough of those little buggers! Maybe it’s because I love crunchy food, but I can barely wait for these babies to cool before I start shoving them into my mouth. So addicted!


What food are you currently addicted to?
Any eggnog lovers out there?!


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    I just posted about eggnog too!! Except mine is dairy free..but still! I do love the dairy version too. The dairy free one is just thinner, but still has GREAT flavor!!

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    Is it weird that I have NEVER had egg nog before in my LIFE!!! And now I cannot because I cannot drink dairy or eat sugar and such!! I guess I will just have to burn egg nog scented candles, close my eyes and pretend that I am drinking it? LOL!!! My imagination is quite amazing so I think I might be able to do it!!

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    To be honest, I actually have no idea how I feel about eggnog. I’ve only had it once or twice and I wasn’t too keen on it, but that was a while ago so it might have changed. I’d love to give it another try, but I’m afraid of buying an entire carton and then not liking it. My current addictions are the same as they’ve been for a while… cereal, almond butter, yogurt, applesauce, and bananas.

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    I’ve never tried eggnog! I don’t know why, but it’s just never interested me, so I never bothered trying it.

    I’ve been very into ice cream recently (I know, not very Christmas-y). This week I got an awesome kind from the grocery store. It’s buttercream ice cream with raspberry swirls and white cake pieces. It’s so good!


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