Time for changes.

Yesterday something clicked. I’m not really sure how, but it did. And I’m really glad, because I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

During my workout yesterday (which was chest/back), I was reaching for some weights when I felt my hamstring pull. Now this was AFTER I had warmed up, stretched, and already done my chest sets. I was simply moving on to my back. I wasn’t even lifting when it happened, I was reaching.

And I pulled a muscle.

At first, I was really mad. Like really really mad. I threw down my weights and yelled a not so nice word (which I quickly sent up a quick prayer for forgiveness for). But then I wasn’t mad. After I sat down and massaged my aching leg for a while, I just broke down. What the heck am I doing to myself?

IMG_3247Icing yet another injury 

This is the 3rd injury I’ve gotten in the past two weeks. None of them are major, and none of them require anything special other than rest. But of course, rest is something I’m not very good at.

My Current Injuries:

  • Left Wrist – I think this happened during my boxing session last week, but it hasn’t been right since. I actually broke this wrist in high school, but never got it casted because I was in the middle of soccer season and didn’t want to miss any games (can’t play with a cast). So instead I just wore a soft cast, and I’m pretty sure it never healed right. Anyway, I think I aggravated that last week boxing, and now I cant support my weight on that wrist. That means no pushups, no planks, no mountain climbers, ect. Not too big a deal though, I can still lift weights and run.
  • Right Quad – I pulled this one last week during 1 leg squats. No weight, just my own body weight, and it just gave out on me. Since then it has been extremely sore and tight, but it’s gotten better, and I can actually run on it now.
  • Neck – I don’t sleep well, so I toss and turn a lot, which means my neck ends up in all sorts of crazy positions sometimes. For about a month now, the left side of my neck gets this shooting pain in it. It comes randomly, and usually happens when I’m just sitting down watching TV.
  • Left Hamstring – Pulled it reaching for a weight. It seized up on me instantly, and I’ve been hobbling since. Limited to walking and light stretching/yoga.

Anyone think this is slightly ridiculous? Because I do. Now I’m used to playing injured. I did it all throughout high school. My soccer career was one injury after another. And I was ok with it back then.

But pulling a muscle simply reaching for something? I’m so not ok with that.

Clearly my body is trying to tell me something. That its tired. That it needs rest. That it wants to try something different.

So it’s time for some changes. BIG changes. It’s time to reevaluate my goals and desires. It’s time to make a plan for my body. It’s time for me to actually respect myself enough to want to heal.

I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know where to even begin. I just know it has to be done.


How do you listen to your body when it’s telling you enough is enough?
What kind of special care do you give yourself to avoid injuries/overuse?


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    Oh gosh girl I am so sorry to hear this but I think maybe your body is telling you, hey I need a break. I am telling you, rest weeks or even more are needed each year. it keeps my body fresh and ready to go

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    Oh girl, I’m so sorry to hear about your string of random injuries, but I’m glad that you’re deciding to take it easy. I know you may feel all sorts of badass by trying to push through the pains, but that sort of ting will only land you in more trouble… We only get one body, and it has to last us for a good long while, so putting it through too much abuse now can really come back to bite us in the butt later. Rest is when the magic happens, so don’t be afraid to take some time off :)

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    I’m so sorry to hear about your injuries that have been recurring over the past couple weeks. I think it’s GREAT that you have recognized you may need to make some sort of changes. Do what’s best for you girl <3

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    Kat, I’m so sorry you had all of those injuries happen to you! Listening to your body can be such a hard thing to do when it means having to change your usual ways. I’m so “good” at convincing myself that, oh well, my body must somehow be wrong when it’s still tired after two consecutive rest days. Like with many things in life I think we – or at least me – often just listen to/hear what we want to hear.

    Enough of my babbling. I think it’s great you’ve decided to change things to show your body how much you appreciate and listen to it. Hope everything will work out for you!

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    Oh man, that’s beyond frustrating. I’m sorry it had to come to a pulled hammy for it to “click” for you, but at least your body got your attention. It’s hard, but try and enjoy your recuperation.

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    we are SO much alike. literally i just got over the flu, and while i was sick, i refused to skip a workout. it was ridiculous! but i somehow convinced myself it was good for me. lol. sometimes listening to your body is SO hard when you’ve got an agenda and you’re a busy body like i am!

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    Girl, I feel ya! I remember when I had such a tough time canceling my workouts for the sake of an injury because I never understood that the body needed time to heal. (Not saying you don’t understand though :) )

    Have you ever thought of opting for periodization and perhaps taking a month or so of lighter intensity workouts? Perhaps some yoga and walking? It might do your injuries some good, and you’ll be able to fully get back in the swing of things later!

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