Thinking Out Loud #8

Happy day before Love Day! :)

Anyone got any plans for tomorrow night? Ninja and I are just going to our young married’s group at church, so no big plans for us. Going out on Valentine’s Day is pretty much suicide out here in LA, even more so when it falls on a Friday!


1. The Olympics have been far less exciting than I’d hoped. Fortunately, the one sport I cared about started today (HOCKEY!) and my men crushed it 7-1. Not a bad way to get things going! I honestly wouldn’t care if the US won another gold medal, as long as the US men’s hockey win gold. Anyone seen the movie Miracle? Literally one of my favorite movies. Sport’s movies are just so dang inspirational!

“A bruise on the leg is a hell of a long way from the heart.”

THIS is the reason why I never sat out of soccer games growing up. If I could still walk then I was going to play. Bruises, pains, soreness…none of it matters when you are playing for your teammates!

2. I got a squat rack for my birthday along with a bench with a hamstring curl and leg extension attachment. Ninja asked me what I wanted for my birthday and while a new wardrobe did peek my attention, all I really wanted was to be able to do squats in my garage. We found this gem on Craigslist for $165 and I am beyond excited about it! I hit my legs yesterday and they are deliciously sore today. squatrack Note the crutches in the background? I used to carry those in the trunk of my car. Just in case a soccer game didn’t go quite as planned…

Because I’ve never actually used a squat rack before I’m starting off light at 95lbs and working my way up. I just want to make sure I’m familiar enough with the rack and have proper form. I’m hoping to move up to 115lb next week!

3. One of my favorite baseball players, Derek Jeter, announced he was retiring last night after this season. Now, I’m not a Yankees fan, in fact I’m actually an Angels fan, but Jeter was actually the 1st baseball player that I fell in love with. He’s just a classy guy and an awesome player. Needless to say, while his announcement isn’t shocking (he’s almost 40 now) it is a reminder of getting older and things fading away. It’s like when Mia Hamm retired or David Beckham retired. I grew up with these figures on my TV and on my bedroom wall, so knowing that I will no longer be blessed to watch them play is slightly depressing. Sorry…bit of a sports rant there…

4. I’m going out to Texas in March to visit my Sissy and her babies and my mom informed me that we aren’t checking bags and only carrying on. Do you have any idea how flipped out I am about this? How the heck am I going to fit all my food AND my clothes AND workout stuff?!

IMG_5030 I can’t wait to see my little nugget again!

IMG_5031 My mom said she was going to be sending out a box of extra stuff like shoes, so I guess I will just be loading that thing with stuff! I may or may not still be slightly panicking though…

5. Because my birthday is on Love Day I feel it’s almost my duty to wear either red or pink on that day. Anyone else feel the need to wear red or pink on Valentine’s Day? I mean, it’s pretty much the only time I ever wear those colors anyway…so I might as well do it…

nailscolors Pink for the toes & red for the fingers!

FACT: my toes and nails never match. NEVER EVER.


Give me something random!
Favorite sport’s movie?


  1. says

    I didn’t notice the crutches, but I DID notice the Viper poster — only one of my favourite cars EVER <3 But back to the crutches… I've said it before and I'll say it again… Girllll you are FIERCE. Remind me to never get on your bad side. Although I'm afraid I'd have to cheer against the US if they were playing Canada in hockey 😉

    PS – currently eating bunnies as I type this 😆

  2. says

    The Olympics have been pretty intense this year. Man oh man have scores come close!
    Woo, home gym equipment! I’d love to have that blessing, but I’ll stick to the gym when I recover. 😉
    Girl, you’re gorgeous. Woop woop. Love your determination.
    We live in the states right next to each other. 😀

  3. says

    February birthdays are the best ;)! We just watched Miracle the other day…one of our favorites. The bruise part is my favorite. They get so psyched up.

  4. says

    Only carry ons? That sounds horrible! LOL. I’d be shoving as much as I could in both my purse and bag.

    Favorite sport team:

    NFL: Packers
    NCAA Football: Penn State & Auburn
    NHL: Flyers
    NBA: 76ers
    Baseball: Phillies

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