Thinking Out Loud #7

Happy Random Thursday!

I’ve got zero brain power today, so this post is probably going to be all over the place. Forgive me for the spelling and grammar errors, I just really don’t care enough to fix them. Anywho, let’s get random!

1. My running buddy, Reese, has been less than stellar as of late. I think she has a bum leg or something. I mean she doesn’t limp, so it isn’t blatantly obvious, but she’s usually so stoked about our runs. Lately she has really been lagging, and I literally have to drag her the entire time. This pup is named Reese Lightning for a reason. She runs, and she runs fast. The fact that I have to pull her along with me breaks my heart a bit, so we’ve actually only walked this week. It looks like I may be back to running by my lonesome again. sam_3017_thumb2. Speaking of pups, I apparently adopted the biggest pansy of a German Sheppard in the world. I swear she has zero idea that she’s 50 pounds. This is what I walked in on the kitchen this morning…puppies That would be Jax, hiding under a chair from Opie, aka The Great White Hunter (she literally is the best stalker out there). I mean really Jax? Get out there and take that little 10lb Maltipoo on!

IMG_6317 What a pansy…

3. My birthday is next week, and I literally have not thought 2 seconds about it other than when Ninja has asked about what I want to do. The answer? Go to our young married class at church. I’m not big at celebrating my birthday, and while I would love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it landing on a Friday night just means an insane amount of people and time waiting for our meals. NO THANKS. So instead, we are forgoing it all together. I’m ok with that, as long as I get lots of chocolate or a huge slice of freakin’ cake.

4. Anyone else stoked for the Olympics? I can’t wait to watch some hockey and ice skating! Although I pretty much close my eyes through most of the ice skating, because I’m terrified of those little girls crashing to the ice. It looks painful. And of course I’m excited for the snowboarding. I’m not into the racing so much as the tricks, but man those guys get so freaking high in the air!

IMG_6311 I’ve got my leggings and headband all ready for tomorrow’s Opening Day. I’m debating whether or not to wear this little get-up to work. I’ve got a feeling my boss might disapprove just a tiny bit though…

5. My baby sister turns 10 years old tomorrow. Man…I’m so not ok with that. I wish I could be there with her, but of course that won’t be happening, so I’ll just call her up when she gets off school. These kids have got to stop growing though…it’s seriously giving me a panic attack every time I think about it…

IMG_6001 I mean seriously. What is there not to love here?!


Whose excited for the Olympics?
What’s your favorite event?

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