Thinking Out Loud #6

Today is my Friday! Nothing better than finishing up the work week a little earlier than usual. Although it’s only because I’m leaving tomorrow to spend 2 days in the mountains with a bunch of high schoolers. Not sure that doesn’t count as work…I’m pretty sure it does. No complaints here as long as I’m back in time for the Super Bowl!

Thinking-Out-Loud Side note, I got to meet up with my favorite Canadian (aka Amanda) on Monday for the 2nd time, and once again, we did not take a picture. What the heck Amanda?! Apparently if there is no food involved I completely forget to take pictures. One day girl…one day! 😉

1. My 1st game of the season was last Sunday, and my knee still hurts from it. I may or may not have slide tackled one too many times during the game, so it’s my own fault that I’m in pain, but still. It’s not my fault however, that my team had me playing defense and marking the largest girl on the pitch. I mean seriously, why do I always have to mark Sasquatch? I stuck to that girl like glue though. I was pretty proud of myself for the way I played, especially considering I’m not a defender!

Fun fact…I won a juggling competition at a soccer camp I attended when I was 14…

2. I can’t remember if I’ve shared this video with you guys before or not but either way, you have to watch it. Some of it may make no sense to you, but seriously this is my life right here. This describes my high school playing career perfectly….

“So tight in the thighs so loose in the waist!”
”I should’ve played tennis!”

And then the crawling up the stairs in the end…oh my gosh…it happened after every tournament people. I was almost late to every class on Mondays following soccer tournaments.

3. Do yourself a favor and don’t ever buy Biscoff Spread. My freaking Lord is that stuff good. And addicting. I’ve almost finished an entire jar already and I bought the stuff on Sunday…Oops. IMG_6240

4. What is it with thumb holes? When I went to my mom’s on Tuesday to run her dog I noticed she was wearing a new sweatshirt. It was nice and cozy looking, but it wasn’t until I noticed the thumbholes that I really became enamored with it. I liked it so much that my mom actually gave it to me! (she has another one in a different color) I now have three jackets with thumbholes and I’d be lying to you if they weren’t among my favorites….

5. I know it’s a bit early, but please for the love of cuteness watch this video. This is the new Super Bowl ad by Budweiser…

I literally have no idea what this video has to do with beer, but if I ever decide to pick up drinking, I’m buying this beer just for the cute freaking commercials. I mean puppies and ponies? Talk about hitting me in the soft spot!

Wow, I sure did hit you guys with a lot of videos today didn’t I? Sorry about that…ok, just kidding. I’m not sorry one bit :)


Can you relate to any of the soccer girl sayings?
Favorite commercial of all time?


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    wait you have met up with Amanda???? uh what!!!!! so jealous. I would love to meet you in person and Amanda, what a treat. I love those shit soccer girls or any other groups say, kind of hilarious how true they are…

  2. says

    😆 I realized we didn’t take a picture as I was walking away too… that just means I’ll have to come back for another visit 😀 And you’re scaring me with the Biscoff spread — now I don’t want to open it 😆 Also, that commercial? Yeah… no idea what it has to do with beer, but it makes me want a puppy…

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