Thinking Out Loud #28

Let’s get random :)

After taking things a bit seriously last week [kidding], I’m back this week with some random thoughts from the week!

1. I made one heck of a tasty looking sandwich this week. It was toasted wheat bread loaded with sliced cheddar, romaine and sliced turkey breast. There was also another ingredient in there that I actually didn’t add…

IMG_7462 Oh hey there little bug.

Thankfully the bug was on the opposite end of where I bit, or else I’m pretty sure I would’ve upchucked everywhere. Now I know that statistically humans ingest plenty of insects a year, but that doesn’t mean that I want to actually see the freaking thing. By the way, this was packaged romaine lettuce, so I really don’t know how this little bugger got in there. He must’ve gotten packaged before he could jump out!

2. Moving on to something a little less…disgusting, Ninja and I ordered pizza last night for dinner. I actually already had some chicken cooking away in the crockpot, but it was one of those days for Ninja, so I kept the chicken for my work lunches and ordered Ninja his favorite Hawaiian pizza.

I of course got myself the veggie pizza, which was lacking veggies in my humble opinion. The point is, I ate half of a small pizza by myself last night. And yes, it was worth every single calorie loaded bite.

3. I love my dogs, I really do, but dang they are some needy pups. I was trying to get some work done on the couch the other day [while simultaneously watching a soccer game] and apparently Jax wanted my attention.

jaxcute Oh no worries Jax, it’s not like I was using that hand to type or anything.

She literally just plopped her head right down on my hand. Even when I pulled my hand out from beneath her she kept her head there so that I couldn’t type. Stinking adorable, needy dog.

4. Because I don’t brag about myself [ever] I figured I’d gush about myself just a bit. Guess who got her first hat trick [3 goals] in a game on Monday? That’s right, your truly. We went up 1-0 in the 1st half, but lost the lead to go down 2-1. We finished the game 3-2 to win from behind. The sad funny part is that when I came off the field after the game, I had no idea I had scored all 3 goals until Ninja yelled “hat trick baby!” I was like whaaaaat?[in my best Minion voice] Seeing as how I’ve never scored that many goals in a game before, i was pretty proud of myself :)

5. I’ve got a confession to make. While coffee will always be my #1 drink of choice, lately my obsession with all things carbonated has taken over. Typically I pick up a Zevia when the craving hits, but with it being so hot lately, I just haven’t been craving the soda thing.

IMG_7476 Cran-Raspberry sparkling water

Anyone ever tried this stuff? To be honest, I usually just buy plain fizzy water and make my own yummy drink, but this stuff caught my eye at the store this week. I’ve gotta say…it might be my new favorite thing.

5. Freaking going nuts over this song right now. I mean, I knew I loved Bastille, but then Dan Smith had to go and do this song with Naughty Boy.

By the way, is it weird that my two favorite voices right now are Sam Smith and Dan Smith? I find that severely ironic…


Brag about yourself! Tell me what you are proud of recently

5 comments to Thinking Out Loud #28

  • Okay, so I need that sandwich in my life!
    My cats lay on my arm the same way when I am trying to type. It is like they know I am trying to work.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Jerk Chicken and Avocado SaladMy Profile

  • Way to killlll it in your soccer game, that’s LEGIT!!! AHH the bug!! I’ve seen bugs on my lettuce before, totally normal..once time I saw a slug though and I about shat myself. Actually I was awful. My mom had to come pick it out for me.
    Brittany recently posted…Raspberry Chocolate Banana Oat BreadMy Profile

  • MVP! MVP! :D Awesome job, lady! And heck YES to all things fizzy! La Croix can be a little hard to find in Canada, but Nestle has a similar flavoured soda water out, so I’ve been drinking my body weight in that this summer. So good. Oh, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found bugs in my salad… It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

  • CONGRATS ON YOUR SOCCER GAME. Really random life fact about Katherine, but I played soccer for 7 years until my club got shut down. I absolutely love it! I can’t imagine how good you are. I’m actually not a huge sandwich person, but I’m constantly drooling over yours. I actually had a HUGEEE sandwich the other day that was inspired by you of course! Also, I LOVE THAT SONG. Naughty Boy in general is great, but I’m loving Sam Smith right now. Latch and Money on My Mind have been my favorites lately! xx

  • Haha that bug on your sandwich looks gross but it is funny.
    Congratulations on the football :) Nice work! Brag away!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…A Day in the Life ofMy Profile

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