They grow up fast.

It seems like just last month Ninja and I were at the pound visiting the puppies to be adopted. We have this thing where when we are bored and don’t want to spend money, we head over to the pound. We had always hoped to find the dog of Ninja’s dreams there (since I already have Opie), but we never could really find one that fit our family. Until, of course, we ran into this little thing.

IMG_2241She ran right up to us in her kennel, and we were immediately sold on her. As soon as the pound worker handed her to me, she started licking my face, and that’s all it took. I was in love.

IMG_2211  Although I loved Jax right away, I was nervous for Opie. What if she didn’t like her? What if Jax gets too big and beats up Opie everyday? But of course, they hit it off and became the best of friends.


I can’t believe how quickly she’s grown. Her head literally used to be smaller than a tennis ball! Her personality is hilarious, and she’s always doing something different to make me laugh, especially when she sleeps!IMG_2686IMG_2726 

Now at 5 months old, Jax has grown to be bigger than Opie, and has matured in her sleeping ways just a bit. She’s also grown into a big goober. She’s a total klutz, which makes her that much more adorable!


This puppy drives me nuts when she growls, makes me crazy when she runs in and out of the dog door, and annoys the heck out of me how she is always beneath my feet. But, she has also stolen my heart, and I love her to pieces.


Tell me your animal stories!!


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    Awww! Both Jax and Opie are ridiculously cute, and I’m happy to hear that things with Jax are finally getting easier for you :) We adopted my puppy, Kaiah, from the shelter as well, and I remember when I first saw her, she was hiding under the little bed that they have while all her brothers/sisters were jumping up against the kennel door. That was what sold me on her. When I finally got her alone in the room, she was the most timid yet sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s been love ever since :)

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    Awww she is so cute! My dog is ancient and has just started the ‘getting under our feet’ thing which is horrible but she is so cute about it that you can’t even be mad.

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