Remember Your Blessings

Sometimes I can be really ungrateful. I get in one of those moods, usually triggered by a bad workout or bad day of eating, and it takes over. And then all I do is focus on negatives:

- why can’t I eat better
- why can’t I run a faster mile (and sometimes why can’t I run a mile in general)
- my arms are too big
- my hair sucks
- why is my skin so blotchy
- how come I am not more successful
- my husband deserves more
- why am I so shy
- when will we have more money
- why don’t I have more friends

It’s pretty much one big pity party, and I’m the only guest. These negatives (and so much more) run through my head non-stop during days like these. The sad thing is, it’s always because of a workout or a bad day of eating.

How sad is that? That food and working out can make me forget all that I have been blessed with?

I’ve had enough of these days to know that only one thing really helps me to get over it. I’ve tried pushing myself through another workout, starving myself the next day to make up for the day of bad eats, sleeping the rest of the day, bubble baths, puppy kisses, and even Ninja kisses. But only one thing works.tumblr_luwaj3xrVl1qa7ajjo1_500

Remembering my blessings. And I’m not talking about big ones. I’m talking about small blessings that I take for granted everyday:

- my fully functioning body that I can run, jump, lift, and play with
- my family
- my husband
- the few friends I have
- the ability to pay all our bills
- the fact I have a job
- my working car
- the home I get to come home to
- the food in our kitchen

And those are just a few. I have been so immensely blessed, and focusing on that is the only thing that can get me out of that pity party.


Because the truth is, there is someone out there who has it MUCH worse than I do.  There is someone out there who would love to have my minor inconveniences.  There is someone out there who would rather be a part of MY pity party than theirs.

Focusing on my blessings almost makes me feel guilty. How can I be sad when I look at all that God has given me?  The simple fact that I have Ninja should be enough to get me through ANY day.  And yet some times it isn’t. 


I know that I will continue to have my pity parties.  I don’t think the point is to rid myself of them.  I think the goal is to realize in the middle of my pathetic pouting, that I have more than some ever will.  That thought,along with the knowledge that I have a God who will continue to watch over me, should be more than enough to get me out of any pity party.

What blessings do you take for granted?

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