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Happy WIAW! I’m in a bit of a rush today so let’s cut straight to the good stuff shall we?wiaw fall into good habits button

Breakfasts recently have been quick and no effort. There has been so little effort involved, that I don’t even spread peanut butter on my bagel, I just dip and eat!

breakfast8ww bagel and naner, watermelon plus a variety of nut butter, depending on the day! 

Lunch has involved the same vegetable for a few days now. Guess that’s what happens when I find them on sale…IMG_2741Buy one get one free sprouts!

Which means my lunches have been packed with little green cabbages recentlylunch6spaghetti squash with garlic and feta and brussels, spaghetti squash with parmesan, tomatoes and brussels, tortilla pizza with brussels 

Dinners on the other hand have not been similar at all. Which I guess is a good thing. I’m going to turn into a brussel sprout if I keep this up!dinner6 greens topped with chicken along with asparagus and chicken tacos topped with romaine, tomatoes and avocado with brown rice

And of course, no day is complete with a few snackssnacks5 green protein monster, watermelon, crackers and hummus


Today’s prompt for WEGO is something that hits close to home for me. The prompt was to raise awareness for another condition other than your own.

NHBPM-150x150 A few weeks ago, a friend of mine’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The kicker? She had never smoked a day in her life, nor grew up in a house with people who did.

She has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to her brain, and it has been deemed terminal. She is still getting radiation and chemo to fight it, but the prognosis is not a good one. How is that even possible?

Non-Smoker Lung Cancer Facts

  • non smoking women are 2-3x more likely to get lung cancer than non smoking men
  • 10-15% of all lung cancer diagnosed occurs in non smokers
  • 95% of patients diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer will die within 5 years
  • Causes include pollution, radon gas exposure, second hand smoke and other environmental factors

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I did not take this news very well. I could not for the life of me grasp how someone who has never been around smoke in her life, is now quite possibly going to die from lung cancer. Can someone explain to me how that makes sense?

And since the causes are environmental, basically it’s all up to where you live. So regardless of how well you eat or treat your body, it doesn’t matter if the air you are breathing is poison. What are people supposed to do? Move to the mountains?

Non smoking lung cancer is such a killer because it is often diagnosed late. After all, why would the doc think you have lung cancer if you’ve never smoked right? My point is, if you feel like there is something wrong with you, don’t let a doctor tell you differently until they have checked out EVERYTHING. Not smoking won’t keep you from getting lung cancer anymore, so know the symptoms, and ask to be checked for it if you think you have them.

YOU know your body better than any doctor, so be persistent. Don’t be afraid to ever ask them questions, and definitely always look for a 2nd opinion!


What condition other than the one you have do you like to spread awareness for?
Do you know anyone who has battled lung cancer and has never smoked?


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    jealous! if i could find my beloved brussel sprouts on sale I would be in heaven. I haven’t had them in ages because they are so dang expensive near me. thank you for sharing about the lung cancer, that is always so hard to hear. I will be thinking of your friend

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    Aww I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s mom :( Cancer in general is just such a tradgedy. It’s awesome you’re getting the word out and spreading this awareness–truly I think that’s the best hope for any cure! :)
    Lovin the eats too girl, yum yum!

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    I love dipping bagels into nut butter! they hold up much better than bread so it’s easy to get some good chunks! :)
    my grandmother was a professional ballerina and smoked her entire life to “maintain” her figure…breaks my heart. She died on lung/breast cancer a few years ago. She was the only one in my family (grandparents included) who smoked and so far she’s been the only one to get cancer :(
    I love that you’re raising awareness and promoting this! you are a rockstar!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

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    whoaaaa that is crazy!!! I wonder why women are also more likely to get it than men~That’s pretty bad, considering that I can smell pollution everywhere I go now! We should just move to colorado or somewhere in the nice green parts of the southeast 😀 Thank you for sharing this with us Kat! I’m always kind of concerned for my dad (and grew up concerned) because he’s alllllwayyys been a big time smoker! Ever since I was little I’d plead with him to stop, but he hasn’t beeen able to. Now he’s better than before, but hopefully he’ll stop 100%.

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    Ugh this information breaks my heart!! NOT that I think it’s ok for a smoker to get cancer, but someone that has NEVER smoked getting cancer over someone that has just doesn’t seem fair! On a more positive note, those brussels bags are amazing..so many sprouts I would be eating them just like you.. ALL the time! Your meals look SO good.

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    Wow, that is scary and so tragic about your friend’s mom! I had no idea you could get it if you weren’t a smoker/in some extreme bad-air environments. I second that you should never just take a doctor’s word at “You’re fine.” A friend of the family kept going in because of floating eye spots and was basically told it was psychological/nothing was wrong–and then they finally did tests and found a brain tumor–two months before it killed him.

    But on a cheerier note–bagels dunked in PB taste way better than bagels spread with PB. It’s just one of those rules of life.

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    :( I’m really sorry again to hear about your friend’s mom, love. It really isn’t fair that there’s not a whole lot we can do to protect ourselves from that kind of thing, and it’s scary to think that it can happen to anyone. I think the best we can do is just try to be healthy and leave the rest in God’s hands. I hope you’re doing okay <3

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    mmm that bagel looks so delicious! I must be starving because I’ve been checking out everyones WIAW’s and I just want to eat everything haha!

    so sorry about your friends mom! ): Cancer can be so weird and awful! No matter what people do to protect themselves it can still sneak up on them!

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    That’s a shame to hear about your friend’s mom! Lung cancer is never fair but even worse so when it’s undeserving (i.e. non-smokers)! Along with having your doctor check you out completely, I would also suggest getting a second opinion even if you have an inkling that something may be wrong! Doctors are human after all and there’s always a chance that they have missed a symptom!

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    What an absolute shame. I am so sorry to hear about your friends mother. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Stay strong girl & keep a smile on your face. Happiness & positiveness cures everything.

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    I am so sorry about your friend’s mother as well! My mom doesn’t have lung cancer, but she was exposed to second hand smoke since my grandma smoked most of her life. My mom now has a chronic cough associated with this exposure and other issues. That is why I do feel so strongly about not smoking and the negative impact of second hand smoke exposure!! Thankfully, my grandma no longer smokes, but she actually had a brain aneurysm which pushed her to realize she needed to make lifestyle changes. Crazy what it take for people to change, but I am just happy that she stopped.
    PS. your meals look yummy, I love bagels for breakfast, can’t beat em!

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