Puppies for Joy.

Happy Veterans Day! For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m actually an extreme lover of all things military. I adore them and their cute little outfits, and am so grateful for everything our soldiers have done and continue to do for us. I hope you guys will send up some thoughts or prayers to our military today, thanking them for their sacrifice.



There are a lot of things that bring me joy, but most of them are health related. Hey, it’s just what I love. BUT, there are two things that I adore that have nothing to do with my health. In fact, they may actually be detrimental to my health at times.

Any guesses?IMG_2403-001 That’s right, my two little girls, Opie and Jax.


I get such a kick out of these two. Not only are they total mommy girls and great companions, they are also hilarious.IMG_2689 IMG_2687 Opie in her adult age knows the proper way to sleep. Jax is young, and really doesn’t appear to care.


See? Really doesn’t care how she sleeps.

Both of my girls like to cuddle with mommy when I’m icing my legs. puppies And they both have these faces that suck me in. They could probably get me to commit murder with their adorable little looks.



I mean seriously, could you resist those faces?


What is something NOT health related, but likely improves your life?


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    Gushhhhhh. What cuties! They make me miss my own little puppy! And I definitely agree that animals can add so much to our quality of life – it’s actually hard for me to imagine life without them! I’d have to say that any kind of relationship in general adds so much to our lives. Whether it be a friend, a soulmate, a parent, a child, or a pet, there’s just something about connecting with others that I couldn’t imagine being without.

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    Ohh my gosh I am dyinnngg at those pictures!! SO adorable. What kind of puppy is Jax?? I love this idea of something non health related, but still bringing joy into out lives and in the end bettering our health. Something for me would be my family..including my cats. :) They make me laugh everyday and somehow know when I need extra love.

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    I’m pretty much obsessed with this post & your dogs! They are too stinking cute. I’m also pretty sure we had the same dog bed for Roxy once… except it was in redish maron

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    Asleep in his bowl?? Yeah, I kinda melted with all that cuteness going on. BOOKS have nothing to do with physical health, but they definitely keep me sane, de-stressed and calm.

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