Prepping for the holidays.

Not too long ago, Holidays meant one thing: major food issues. I would stress so much about what was going to be on the table, how many days I’d have to go without a workout, and what excuses I would come up with when people would ask me about why I wasn’t eating like they were.

Needless to say, I hated the holidays.

I focused so much on the food, that it literally sucked the joy out of the holiday. I didn’t care about the family that was there or the gifts under the tree. I just knew that holidays meant lots of food, lots of food meant lots of calories, and lots of calories meant lots of weight gained.

And that freaked me out.

I’m not going to lie to you guys and say that the holidays don’t freak me out anymore, because honestly, they kinda do. I still worry about the food I’m eating and how it will affect my body. I still worry about how many workouts I’ll have to miss.

But it no longer consumes my holiday.

I can sit at the table with my family and grab a second biscuit without calculating the calories in my head. I can ask for a piece of pie after dinner without planning how hard my workout is going to be the next day.

And most importantly, I can focus on what the holidays are really about.


When I think about how close Turkey Day is this week, I’m not stressing about how hard I need to work now to make up for how much food I’m going to be eating then. I’m thinking about Little Sissy running into my arms. I’m thinking about Little Bro wanting to snuggle up with me on the couch. And I’m thinking about wrapping my arms around daddy.

Family is what the holidays are about, and that should be our first thought when we think about them.


So even if all you can give is 5 minutes of your time, make those 5 minutes about loving on your family. Give thanks to God and be appreciative for all your blessings. After all, these holidays weren’t created to be about food, so why do we tend to make them about food?


Do you struggle knowing that the holidays brings about lots of food?
How do you manage your thoughts around all that food?


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    The holidays are a slippery slope for me. If I deprive myself, it backfires and I over eat as soon as the first treat is in front of me. So, this year I’m letting myself have what I want. So far, with this attitude I only have what I really want and never have the urge to over eat. I still struggle with feeling guilty about splurges- but that is something I am working on.

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    I used to do the same thing! It’s great that you are in a better place and not have to worry so much about all that! And a beautiful thought of just spending time with your family and take notice of your blessings! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I just keep reminding myself – moderation and balance! It’s the holidays, we’re supposed to enjoy ourselves. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. But on the other hand, I know this is easier said than done, and I myself am guilty of a bit of this food/workout guilty & obsession around the holidays. What’s important is I’m working on it and I WILL enjoy myself with family & friends :)

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    Ugh I definitely used to dread the holidays. Messed up routines, missed workouts, unhealthy food… I looked forward to it about as much as I looked forward to a root canal. But you’re right that focusing too much on the food makes us miss what the holidays are really about, and I also think that stressing so much about what we will/won’t eat actually backfires in the end and makes us more likely to binge. I approach the holidays with moderation in mind… they’re meant to be enjoyed and nothing is off limits – I usually find that my body knows pretty well when it’s had it’s fill.

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    I most definitely have struggled at times with the idea of holiday eats. I haven found that I already eat “different” than everyone anyway so no one judges when I don’t have a huge slab of turkey on my plate. I eat just like I would any other day (well maybe a little more food) and try to stop when I am full. That just means more leftovers!

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    This post brought the biggest smile to my face. I am so happy to hear that you aren’t stressing over what to eat, and what not eat.. but instead focusing on your times with family members. That’s just so amazing to me <3 Enjoy every moment home!

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    Way to focus on what’s important! I am ready to eat tons of delicious food on Thanksgiving–it’s just one day (okay, two with leftovers), so I plan on enjoying it and, like you say, NOT think about what I’m eating (other than the fact that it’s delicious and with family!)

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    I remember that about 3 Christmases ago, I went to Kansas to visit Greg’s family for Christmas. And booyyyyy do they know how to celebrate! and EAT. :) And I’d have to say that now I have no anxiety when it comes to that, but at that time I was a bit more conscious than I wanted to be, though I did eat well. But then my mind wasn’t at ease.

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