Pasta and Bean Skillet

Happy Friday!! Thank you all for the get better wishes. I feel a tad bit better today, but am still battling a sore throat. Plus I didn’t sleep well last night, so that doesn’t help. But tomorrow is another day, so I will hope for the best!

Breakfast this morning was a repeat of yesterday, with a slight change


1C barley, 1 naner, cinnamon, peanut butter topped with wheat germ and flax

But for some reason this bowl didn’t hold me over very long. Enter in snack #1


These are this week’s Find of the Week.  I found them for 3 for $1. Yes, 3 for $1.

I pretty much did a happy dance, then threw the entire shelf into my cart. I kid you not.  Anyway, I snacked on one of these babies along with a mug of tea.

Lunch was leftovers of the pasta and bean skillet meal I made last night, and it was just as tasty!

Pasta and Bean Skillet
adapted from Kraft

  • 1 C salsa
  • 2/3 C whole wheat pasta
  • 3/4 C water
  • 2 tsp chili powder
  • 2 C red kidney beans
  • 2 C fresh spinach, diced small
  • 1 (8ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 1/2 C shredded cheese

Bring all ingredients EXCEPT cheese to a boil in a large pan. Reduce heat. Simmer 15 minutes or until noodles are cooked. Stir in cheese



I seriously love this meal so much. It’s quick and simple, but packs big flavor. You could totally omit the cheese (which I have, but Ninja prefers the cheesiness) and could probably change the beans as well. Either way, it is tasty, and makes great leftovers!

I snacked on apple just before dinner


It was small, so I pretty much made dinner 30 minutes later. O-well!  Ninja went out with a friend, so I just whipped up something quick for myself


2 eggs, 1/2 C barley, and steamed broccoli

I could eat eggs everyday. I seriously love them! I plan on snacking on one of these for dessert, maybe topped with some banana soft serve? Winking smile


Peach Cobbler Bars

Off to sip on another mug of tea and snuggle in for the night. Happy Friday guys!

What are your usual Friday night plans? Mine typically involve Ninja, Opie, and the TV Smile

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