My kind of prices.

I’m a cheap lady. Like, shops at the 99cent store for everything that she can cheap. And I’m the deal finding queen. There’s a shop up the street from me that sells clothes for $2.99 and up. Basically it’s like T.J. Maxx, but for stores like Target and Forever21. I can’t tell you how many clothes I get in there for more than 50% off the original price!

Anyway, because of my cheapness, I search through grocery ads each week to find the best deals, and grocery shop 2x a week in order to get them all. Not going to lie, I really consider grocery shopping to be a hobby of mine. I seriously love it, and to me scoring a good deal is seriously one of the best feelings!

Finds Of The Week
I went to the store for 3 things today, bananas, honey, and cocoa powder. I did get those things, but also ended up with a few more things in my cart because of the prices!IMG_3278


Can you spot the deals? Let me break it down for you.jan10

Organic ginger .80 – HUGE hummus trio $2.00 – Sweet potato chunks $1.75

I also picked up this soup to try out. It was a dollar off, so only $2.99

jan10,2 The ingredients had me drooling, especially the fact that there is spearmint in there! This soup has so much goodness in it, talk about a huge help in getting in my greens! And major bonus to the fact that I can bring the entire thing to work and eat it all for lunch in 1 day.

Some random meals/snacks with my goodies I picked up

IMG_3251Chocolate protein smoothie: 1 naner, 1 scoop Life’s Basic protein powder w/ greens, 1T flax, 1T cocoa powder, ice, stevia


hardboiled egg, celery with red pepper hummus and Mighty Green soup

IMG_2952 Cherry, strawberry and banana soft serve

There’s nothing better than a good deal.

P.S. Today is the last day to enter my giveaway, so go enter NOW! I’ll announce the winner in the morning!


Is there a certain store you go out of your way to go to each week because of the deals?
What is one item that you will always buy when it’s on sale, even if you already have some at home?


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    Those are some great deals! I love finding bargains at the store. I go to a Stop & Shop every so many weeks and they have a big clearance section of non-perishables. The items aren’t even dented but they label flavors as “discontinued” or “new design”.
    I always stock up on soup and pasta when its on sale.

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    I wish I had the patience and what-not to do some couponing and flyer browsing. I tried to get into it once but it didn’t last too long :( I do try to keep my eye out for sales, though… and things like cereal, yogurt, and almond butter are things that I’ll always buy when they’re on sale 😀 Can never have too much of my favorite foods.

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    Um where is this $2.99 and up store because my wallet needs me to go there asap! That soup looks amazing too. I heard a rumor that the Fresh and Easy around us is closing but I hope it’s just a rumor.

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    I’m definitely the same way about grocery shopping as you! I look forward all week to the day I get my grocery store sale flyers in the mail and make my shopping list for the next week. Deals make me happy!! I shop at three different grocery stores, just to make sure that I get the best deals on everything.

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    GIRLLLLL!! we need to shop together!! Especially for clothes! haha. When it comes to clothes I’m a cheapo too and I LOVE IT because there’s actually a rush to being like, “ohhh this ol’ thiing? I only paid $10 for it” lol.

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