My First Vlog: All about Self Love!

Hey guys! So I really have been wanting to do a vlog, but had no idea what to do one on. Well I finally figured it out Smile  I hope you guys can take the time to watch it!

Sorry for my annoying bangs. I’m trying to grow them out. Note to self, pin them back!

Love Note #1: I love my laugh. It can be small and simple, but also loud and full of joy Smile

What are you loving about yourself today??


  1. says

    AHHH You and your pup are BEYOND adorable!! 😀 I loved your vlog!
    Today I’m loving my legs today–they powered me through a hard workout and walked me around campus all day.
    Keep up the great work with your fighting, you blog inspires me to keep on truckin! :)

  2. says

    Oooh, I love watching vlogs– it’s so cool to hear the voice behind the blog. You seem just as mature and well spoken on your vlog as I imagined you would be!

  3. says

    You are so adorable and I love each and every word you said in this post!!! You’re so right that we push love on others and sometimes forget to love ourselves. I’m going to remember to compliment myself too. :)

  4. YourSister says

    You are so beautiful and well-spoken, Sissy! So proud of you. Love ya.

    I’m loving my tenacity right now. One day at a time.

  5. says

    ahhhh yayayayayyyy!! this was awesome Kat! First of all, I love your voice and how you talk! Hehehe it’s very soothing and reassuring….

    And I loved the topic of loving ourselves! B/c the Lord would want us to love ourselves and see ourselves through His eyes….thank you for being an encourager to me and to sooo many others as well, I love you sista! <33

  6. says

    WHAT a great vlog, great message–THIS is what blogging’s all about! Except yeah, growing out bangs–that’s always a rough one, I keep meaning to do it and then break down and get them hacked back off.

    I’m LOVING that I am bright and bold! I used to want to hide in the background and never be noticed, but while wearing a dayglo orange tank and having bright blue hair at the gym this morning, a guy told me, “You certainly stand out,” and it made me feel GOOD! So I love my questionable color combinations and ability to enjoy making a statement ;D

  7. says

    YOU ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I can’t believe I almost missed your vlog. Seriously. Your blog has been one of the most inspiring, impactful blogs I’ve read! It’s so fun to see your vlog, it’s almost like meeting you in person!!! :)

    Love you Kat!

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