Most random workout of all time

Finally the weekend! Of course I’ve been up since 6am, but at least I have a day of nothing really important or stressful to do right?  I had one of the most random yet best workouts of my life the other day that I really want to share with you, but before I get there, let’s recap the food!

Oh hey look, more homemade toast!


topped with my favorite combo of coconut oil, cinnamon, and bloobs

Insert 5 hours of work, school and studying, then it was snack time! It had to be light enough to get me through my planned workout without a cramp, yet bulky enough to get me through my planned workout without making my tummy growl!


Protein Cake

I typically eat these babies AFTER my workout, but it just sounded so perfect for a pre-workout snack, that I had to make one.  Once that digested a bit, I began my most random workout ever.


I also linked up with my girl Stephanie this week!

Most Random Workout Ever

Weight Circuit 1:
thrusters – 10
rear lat raise – 10
staggered pushups – 10
dumbbell lunge – 10 each
mountain climbers (on bosu) – 30 seconds

Weight Circuit 2:
goblet squat – 15
1 arm swing (R) – 15
arnold press – 10
1 arm swing (L) – 15

Weight Circuit 3:
swiss ball jackknife – 10
hammer curl –10
swiss ball roll out – 10
lying tricep extension – 10

After the weights, head to the treadmill and do some sprints!

Treadmill Sprints:
45 seconds at 7.0 incline 8%
1 minute at 3.0 incline 8%

Hop off the treadmill, grab a jump rope, and turn on your favorite fast paced song. I chose Boy of Summer by the Ataris.

Jump Rope Intervals:
– Keep pace with the song, when it speeds up, so do you!
– Take a few second break if needed, otherwise, jump to the entire song!

After the song has finished, head to an open space, pick a funky dance tune, and shake it! I chose Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars.

Shake Your Booty:
– Move to that music! Be as active and crazy as you can
– Jump, shake, and wiggle until the song is over
– If you love the song like me, then push REPEAT and do it again!

Cool Down/Ab Work:
– Grab a medicine ball (or in my case, a soccer ball)
– do as many situps as you can in a row (bring the ball behind your head, then straight up to the ceiling as you come up. DON’T use your momentum, use your ABS!)
– do as many oblique twists as you can
– 1 minute plank on ball
REPEAT till your abs are fried!

I told you it was a completely random workout, but it was so much fun! I felt like such a sassy pants when I was finished


See? Sassy pants! (and smearing mascara, so hot.)

I replenished my depleted body with a quick protein smoothie. This baby had 2C spinach, 1 naner, handful of strawberries, chocolate protein powder and ice


I wish I could tell you I had a picture of the actual smoothie, but I don’t. I drank it straight out of the Vitamix, because I’m classy like that.

After I showered, I grabbed some more food. Did you see what I just put my body through? Psh like a smoothie would be enough!


ww wrap, cheese, and black beans

So tasty, and just what I needed to hold me over until Disneyland! Ninja and I headed out there after he got off work, and boy was that a mistake. That place was packed!  We ended up going on only 1 ride and eating dinner.  We were back at home by 630.  BUT, it was totally worth it, because I had the best dinner ever.


Ninja and I split the Chinese Chicken Salad in the HUGE sourdough bread bowl. This picture is to document the size of the cookie Ninja ate. It’s almost the same size as the bread bowl!

I have been DYING for one of these bread bowls for so long, and it totally did NOT disappoint. Ninja and I polished that thing off in no time.

What is the most random OR fun workout you have ever done?

Love Note #11: I loved my energy today! I was so proud of myself for getting through that workout, and it was so much FUN. It reminded me of why I love to exercise.


  1. says

    LOVE this workout! I think that random workouts are the most fun and they fly by! Thanks so much sharing!

    Also, I love your love note! Okay, how many times have I said love in this comment… 😉 But really, high energy days are always the best!

    Have a great Saturday girl!! :)

  2. says

    Hehe I have to say half of my workouts are random, but they do hit every muscle group! :) This is a great one Kat!~And at first I thought your picture was distorted b/c I thought that huge vitamix was a cup!! lol. And you were so close to me when you went to Disney! Goshh we need to meet up someday~Have a great saturday!!!

  3. says

    homemade bread loving!!
    this workout looks amazing…the sweatier the better! :)
    I hope you’ve been having a great weekend! and got to catch up on some ZZZzzzz’s! 6am?!

  4. says

    Very random workout indeed! But, a good workout. Nice job :) I love throwing together random stuff and seeing how fast you can manage to push through it!


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