Making Time For Me.

Busyness runs in my genes. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off was invented by my family. My mother actually does it best. It’s like she always has something to do. And it’s not just something, it’s like the-worlds-going-to-end if she doesn’t do it kind of thing.

As you can probably imagine, that gets quite stressful. So since the busyness gene was passed down to me, I try to make a point to carve out some “me” time.

“Me” Time #1: The 1st “me” time I turn to is actually not me time at all. It’s actually “our” time. Me and God.IMG_2768 Losing myself in His word reminds me of everything that has happened in my life. The pain, suffering, triumphs, battles, blessings, ect. As Paul tells Timothy, it’s all about fighting the good fight of faith. And I think after everything God has done for me, for you, and for this world, that’s the least we can do.

“Me” Time #2: I’m really not very girly, but I actually really enjoy painting my nails. It’s just relaxing, and I love trying to create something funky.

nails Candy corn nails anyone?

“Me” Time #3: One of my favorite ways to relax and just zone out, is to actually listen to music. I’m a HUGE music lover. I can’t stand silence. I need music at all times. Current favorite?

ts Seriously I adore this girl. And her music. The song “Red” has been belted in my car too many times to count.

“Me” Time #4: Baking anything. Just being able to focus on what goes into my mixing bowl is so relaxing and satisfying. Although this 90 degree weather has made baking an adventure recently.IMG_2731


“Me” Time #5: Last but not least, working out. Especially if it involves my soccer ball. And definitely if I’m the only one on the giant field at 7AM. There’s just something so peaceful about me and that ball, just running around the field. Sometimes I even envision myself in a game, and how it would play out.


“Me” time is important guys. It keeps us sane, and allows us to focus on others when we need to. But who has anything to give others when they have nothing for them self? If you’re a giver (which I try to be), than you first need to build up your me time so that you aren’t completely drained. It’s too exhausting to give and give and give, especially if you aren’t supplementing that with something for YOU.


What’s your favorite “me” time?
How often do you carve out time for yourself?


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    I absolutely love this!!! Me time is so vital to a healthy life!! I love getting a pedi or taking a bubble bath for my me time!!! I also live to see fellow Christian spas!! Have a great day! <3

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    Nails, music, and baking – definitely all things that I love doing during ‘me’ time 😀 Reading, video games, sudoku, and coloring are a few other things that find their way onto my list as well. And I try to get a good amount of me time in on an everyday basis, especially in the mornings and evenings. I can run around like a headless chicken during the day, but I need time to prep and unwind from it or I start getting a bit loopy.

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    I LOVEEE ME time!! YES YES. Baking, reading blogs, going for a walk, all of these are my favorite me time activities!! Anything where I can get lost with myself. I need to do so much more of this!

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    Love bible time, it fills me more than anything else. I’m not consistent, though, so my day can suffer because of that. Also, working on was always my “me” time, even if it consisted of less than 15 minutes of jumping, squating, lunging and skipping in my garage. I agree with you full on that the givers of the world can easily find themselves drained if they don’t give a little to themselves.

    Great post, Kat!

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    Love your “me” time. Alone time with God is such a blessing. It can be easy to let that get lost in the shuffle, but it really is the best! And I love your candy corn nails! So cute!

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    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Me time is SO dang essential, I definitely don’t do it enough and man, I miss it. I totally need to work on actually taking time out of my day for me and God. When I get to have “me time,” I usually like to do puzzles, draw, go for walks, or watch Disney movies :)
    Oh and I’m not normally one to paint my nails, but I just fell in love with that adorable candy corn idea! 😀

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    I am loving these posts you’ve been posting lately girl. I am a firm believer that everyone should have “me time” everyday. Rather it only be for 20 minutes, or for the whole day. Baking, Walking & Cleaning (I know crazy but I love it) can make me feel 10x more relaxed :)

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