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In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to share a little vlog with you guys. It’s nothing fancy or groundbreaking…just a little venting I suppose about my feeling on Love Day. I hope you guys will take the time to watch it, though I really hope you don’t judge me for my babbling. I really had no idea I was such a complete dork…

Yeah…so that’s me. What a weirdo…

I kind of like these things though, so maybe more in the future? Although I really have no idea what I would talk about in them, it just seems like a fun way to spice things up.

Anyway, I hope that all of you “Valentine’s Day haters” got the point of what I was saying here. This holiday doesn’t have to be only about couples. Make it about the love you have for anyone. I’m sure your best friend who is also single would love a box of chocolate from you. Unless they are my best friend…she would probably laugh in my face if I gave her a box of chocolates. Ok, so maybe just a Starbucks latte would do….


Thoughts on Valentine’s Day?
Should I do more vlogs in the future?


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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY LADY!! I loved the vlog, you are too cute. YES DO MORE! I came to your blog SPECIFICALLY to wish you a happy birthday, because I DON’T WANT this part of the 14th to fall to the back. YAY FOR BIRTHDAY LOVE. OK and all over love..LOVE VALENTINES DAY! I am so with you on this point of view! LOVE FOR ALL!

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    well happy birthday lady first off. second I totally have never heard your voice so i so loved this. this so makes me smile. and yes, v day can be about love in many other forms. i have celebrated every v day single and still have enjoyed it.

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    You are too wonderful <3 I love that you love Valentine's — I'm a big fan too. I've actually never been able to understand why people snark on it too much. I mean, why not get excited? If nothing else, it's an excuse to eat more chocolate 😀

    Happy Birthday, gorgeous! I hope you have the most amazing day, filled with lots of love and good food <3 <3

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