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It’s Friday!! You know what that means?! I’m officially on Christmas vacation! Ok I still have some freelance pieces to write up, but I can do that from the warmth of my own home. How stinkin’ awesome is that?! Of course I still have a million and a half things to do today, but hey, at least I get to be out and about and NOT in an office!award

The lovely Katie nominated me for this award, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

The Liebster Award is an award given to up and coming bloggers who inspire you. The word Liebster is a German word and means Beloved, Dearest, or Favorite. This is such a sweet and loving award, and I am honored to be nominated!

Here is how it works:
-Write 11 random facts about yourself.
-Answer the 11 interview questions you’ve been given by the person who nominated you.
-Create 11 new questions.
-Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post.
-Go and tell the person who nominated you, along with the people you’ve nominated about your post.

11 Random Facts:
1. I have an obsession with animals. I grew up on a farm having several rabbits, goats, dogs and cats, and even frogs at one point. Which is probably why I love going to zoos. And why I squeal like a child whenever I see a baby animal. puppypic

2. I’m obsessed with fashion, but don’t have the money or the fashion sense to dress well. I just like to look at it I guess. Pinterest is like my drug when it comes to fashion!

3. I can never decide how I want my hair. It’s either really long or I chop it all off. There’s no in between. I love being able to braid and style my hair however I want for updo’s, but since it’s stick thin it won’t hold a curl, and I hate leaving it down and having it all stringy. So, I usually end up cutting it so that I can just blow dry and go!leibster4. I kinda sorta love Disneyland. I went for the first time when I was 16 years old with my Sissy, and have been hooked ever since. Whenever Little Sissy and Little Bro come and visit me now I always try to take them so that they can experience the same joy I do whenever Ninja and I go!


5. I loved boy bands growing up and still listen to them. I have a Backstreet Boys pandora station that I listen to, and it brings back all the good bands like N’Sync, 98 Degrees, O-town and of course, The Spice Girls.

6. I’m not a big veggie lover. I know I put up a good front on this blog, but if you notice they are usually the same veggies, just repeated over and over. Broccoli, cauliflower, squash, peas and sweet taters. I’ll eat carrots occasionally, but prefer them juiced!

7. I love bread. Probably a little too much, but I really don’t care. It’s a staple in my diet. In fact, Bestie is coming over tomorrow for our soup and bread day, and I seriously cannot wait.

dlandsalad in a fresh sourdough bread bowl at Disneyland 

8. I’m one emotional chick. I can pretty much cry at the drop of a hat. Those puppy and kitty commercials for the ASPCA? Always make me tear up. A sad or emotional movie? I bawl my eyes out. A heartfelt card or email? Tears start rolling down my cheeks before I even finish.

9. I may be a major crier, but I also have quite the temper. I blame it on my red hair. Which is why I want a punching bag so badly. It’s better than holding it all inside until I explode on someone (which usually ends up being Ninja!).

10. I have trust issues. Because I’ve been burned so many times, if you do something bad to me or a loved one of mine, your pretty much done in my eyes. I’ll never look at you the same.

11. I’m one of those people who belts out music as loud as she can in the car. I love driving to daddy’s because I just crank up the tunes and sing for 5 hours until I get there.

Now Katie’s questions for me!
1.What’s your favorite holiday splurge? I’d probably have to say a nice sweater. I love big chunky sweaters, and to me they make the perfect holiday outfit. I don’t really do splurges, but I do spend a good amount on clothes!

2.How do you hold yourself accountable for workouts? I know what I want, and what I want is to be a lean, mean fighting machine. I also love food, and know that if I don’t workout, then I will probably slowly but surely start to restrict my food, which is something I want to avoid. I’m still trying to find the balance between food and workouts, but I think what I have right now is working ok.

3.What made you start blogging? I got married and didn’t know how to cook! My blog used to be all about learning to cook and finding different dishes for Ninja, but I’ve always had a love for fitness because of soccer, so it sort of changed.

4.What keeps you blogging? The people for sure. I’ve met so many kind hearted, wonderful people via blogging.

5.Any goals in mind for 2013? I’d love to do more freelance work. I just really want to be an avenue for young women to show them that being stick thin won’t make you happy and definitely doesn’t define your worth.

6.What is your biggest flaw? Being too hard on myself and not being able to take a compliment. I was having one of those days yesterday and after getting ready for church last night I walked into the kitchen and Ninja told me how beautiful I looked. I said whatever. I clearly don’t know how to take compliments yet.

7.What are you three favorite things about yourself? Color of my hair, color of my eyes, and my redneckness!

8.What is your day job? Secretary/writer

9.What is your go to snack? Oh goodness. I don’t really have a go to. I go through phases. Right now I’d say yogurt and nuts. Or string cheese and nuts.

10.What is your go to weeknight dinner? Something with chicken. When I’m in a time crunch or don’t want to put in any effort I just wrap up some chicken in foil with some seasoning and throw it in the oven, cook up some steamed broccoli and boil some brown rice.

11.What’s your favorite thing to read on blogs? (race recaps, recipes, etc.) Recipes or workouts for sure. I love being able to peek inside other people’s kitchens. I’m so not creative, so I love seeing what others come up with! I also like challenging myself to other people’s workouts and seeing if I can do them!


Wow that’s a ton of info! I totally understand if you just zipped right through it. I’m not that exciting anyway!

I nominate:

Ellie @ Fit For The Soul
Jessie @ Jessie Loves To Run
Britt @ Blissful Britt
Molly @ Just Your Average Athlete
Laurie @ Love, Laugh, Laurie
Allie @ Forgotten Beast

Give me a random fact about yourself!
What’s your favorite thing to read on blogs?


  1. says

    I love learning more about you! I am the exact opposite, I rarely cry and I really hate crying so try to hold it off. um that picture of your dog in an animal outfit made me just oo and ahh. at first I thought it was a stuffed animal

  2. says

    Aww, thanks for the nomination! Totally excited to put one of these together :) And I used to have pet frogs as well. Frogs rock. And you have soup & bread days with your friends? I think we need to hang out :) We can even omit the soup.

    I absolutely love your goals and passions! Encouraging women to embrace health and balance, in whatever form that takes? Rock on.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for the nomination! You are so sweet! :) And seriously, I want to curl into a ball and rock back & forth in the corner every single time I hear that Sarah McLaughlin song they play during the ASPCA commercials. Also, I might have to steal your dog.

  4. says

    Oh gosh, those darn ASPCA commercials kill me too. I’m bawling as soon as I hear that darn Sarah McLaughlin singing. The I want to go adopt every animal from the Humane Society (which definitely wouldn’t end well). And I feel ya on the boy bands – I get my N’Sync on with PAndora too!

  5. says

    This was SO fun to read!! I just love these tidbits, especially your love of Disney! I neeeeeeed to come out there so we can go on the Dumbo ride together and have a dance party :)

  6. says

    My favorite thing to read on blogs? Posts like this 😀 I love learning random things about my favorite people, especially when they love Disney, animals, bread, having concerts in their car, aaaaand veggies not so much. You know I’ve definitely got your back when it comes to bread being good for the body and veggies being more or less evil 😉

  7. says

    Awe, thank you so much for the nomination. I love all the random facts about yourself. I’m pretty sure we would be best friends if we lived near each other!! I have an addiction to carbs, and I have no problem downing a couple pieces of bread a day =)

  8. says

    I am so jealous of the fact that you live so close to Dland..seriously..I will never let that go. All the more reason to come VISIT you right!?!? HA! I love your hair long AND short!! I never go for the in between either, and can never make up my mind on how I want it! THANK you for the nomination, you made my day!


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