Laughs and Giggles.

Ever heard that laughing is good for the soul? Well, I agree with that statement, especially after the not so great day I had yesterday. Today’s NHBPM prompt is all about laughing, so get your giggles ready!



pinterest7Ok so I know this is animal overload, but they are always the cutest right? BTW, all of these came off Pinterest, aka the most addicting website in the universe.

Moral of today’s post? When you’re having a bad day, spend some time on Pinterest. It will ease all of your sorrows, guaranteed.


What website do you find to be extremely addicting?
What do you do to cheer yourself up after a rough day?


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    Ohhh Pinterest. It’s ridiculous how much time I can spend on there and still feel like it’s not enough. I’ve actually been spending the past couple of days hoarding funny pins, and it’s definitely a great way to cheer yourself up. That and baking… or shopping. Retail therapy is actually probably one of my favorite ways to get myself out of a funk, but it can be dangerous to my wallet!

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    Hahah the unicorn one!! Yeah, I’m just going to always be a unicorn. Love the idea of going onto Pinterest when nothing else seems to work! I haven’t been on there forever cause it’s so addicting, I end up spending hours just scrolling through the pins.

    happy weekend, Kat!

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