Kettlebell Killer Workout

Every once in a while I find a workout that seriously kicks my butt.  Most days I can push through my workout no problem, but there are some that leave me drenched in sweat, panting, and on the floor. This is an old workout I revamped a bit, and boy did it knock me out!

Kettlebell Killer
Circuit 1:
Goblet squat – 15
Jump squat – 15
Pushup with knee drive – 10 total
2 hand swings – 20
Rest 30 seconds and repeat

Circuit 2:
KB lunge – 10 each leg
jump lunge – 10 each leg
high pull – 20
1 arm swing – 10 each
Rest 30 seconds and repeat

Circuit 3:
Clean & press – 10 each side
mountain climbers – 40 total
Squat & press – 10 each side
Speed skaters with 1 leg jump – 10 each side
Rest 30 seconds and repeat

Once you have gone through each circuit twice, repeat the ENTIRE workout as one giant circuit. GET IT!!

There are some days I really have to struggle to get my mind right for a workout. I don’t want to FORCE myself to do it, but I do enjoy the feeling it gives me and what it does to my body, so I really do try to push myself to workout even when I don’t feel like it.  And I know some of you may think that’s a bad thing. But for me, I think it’s the best thing I could do.

Because seeing results is what keeps me sane, and keeps me from going back to my dark place. Seeing results makes me realize WHY I am eating healthy and exercising. Seeing results keeps me motivated to be STRONG, not weak and skinny.



The only one who can stop me is myself. And that’s not happening.


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