January Obsessions

I’ve never been more excited to get back to work in my life.

Weird, I know, but this weekend’s winter camp put me through the ringer. I’ll have a recap up this week, but since this is my first post for February, I figured I would share with you guys all the things I was obsessing over in January. And there was a lot, so be prepared. But seriously, when did we get to February? I feel like Little Bro was just here celebrating New Years with me! I think God has this year on fast forward or something…

Song I’ve Been Obsessing Over…Don’t tell me this song doesn’t make you want to move. It just makes me so…dare I say, happy? Not to mention it’s from one of my favorite kid movies (Despicable Me 2). When I bought it, Ninja and I put it on repeat, blared it from my Ipod speakers and jumped around the house like idiots.

Book I’ve Been Obsessing Over…This one is actually a series, but oh my goodness guys you have GOT to check these books out. It has one of the most unique storylines I’ve ever read and that says a lot considering I’ve read quite a lot of books in my life. The way she writes literally brings her fantasy world to life. The 3rd and final book of the series was just delivered to me over the weekend, so you can bet I am hunkering down tonight and tomorrow to swallow this book up.

IMG_6280 P.S. It ends much better than the Divergent series…just in case you were wondering ;)

Meal I’ve Been Obsessing Over… Yogurt messes. January was big on yogurt messes for me. Whether it was as a meal or a snack, yogurt was always part of my day. And if you couldn’t tell, it was almost always topped with some granola. I’ve got a thing about yogurt and crunch. They just go together to me. No crunch in yogurt is just kind of boring to me I guess.


Workout I’ve Been Obsessing Over…Now that soccer is back in season, I’ve transitioned from the heavy lifting to more of a circuit style of training. Still lifting heavy of course, but little to no rest between sets with cardio intervals instead. I add in burpee variations, mountain climbers, plyo moves, ect. to keep my heart rate high. I don’t need to build muscle now that I’m in season, so instead I’m just focusing on keeping everything strong and constantly improving my cardio. That being said, this new pyramid style of kettlebell workout I made up has been one of my favorites in January.


Product I’ve Been Obsessing Over…This winter hasn’t been much of a winter, but the constant changes from 80 degrees one day to 50 degrees two days later sure has been messing my skin up. I’ve got some serious sensitive skin when it comes to weather, so I was stoked when I received this gentle cleanser sample from Sephora. I used it once and fell in love, so I quickly purchased a full bottle.



What were you obsessed with in January?

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