>How to beat the weather: Winter Workout Tips

>I am lucky enough (or in my view, unlucky) to be in a city where it never snows and almost never rains.  There is usually sun shining and birds chirping. I rarely have to combat chilly temperatures or miss a workout due to snow or ice.

 That is, until now. I’d like to introduce you to the Lomita River. It currently flows in front of our apartment.

Los Angeles doesn’t do well when it rains. Sewers back up, streets flood, and people get in accidents.
Now as much as I love the rain and cold weather, it can make working out not so much fun. Forget heading outside for ANY sort of activity (unless its soccer of course). Cold weather usually makes people lathargic. Here are my tips for beating the weather and getting in that workout!!
How to beat the weather: Winter Workout Tips
1. Invest in a gym membership. This is something I will probably never do simply because the weather is never bad for very long here, but for those of you who have harsh winter months, a gym is the perfect workout refuge.

 2. Gather up the warm workout gear. Most of us don’t want to move from our cozy bed in the morning to go to work let alone workout. Winter months often up the hibernation mode, and it can be difficult to find the motivation to get out of the warmth. Pick up some warm and practical clothes to get you out of that bed.

3. Stock up on workout dvds. If going outside is out of the question, pick up a few fitness dvds to get you going. Most of them require minimal equipment and can be done in a small space like your living room. I recommend:
Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method DVDS
Jillian’s Shred It

4. Pick up a few fitness essensials. As you all know by now, I adore my Kettlbell. It is versatile and easy to use and I wouldnt trade it for anything. I would also recommend free weights, a yoga mat, jump rope and anything else you might enjoy (even a hula hoop is a great fitness tool!)
5. Look for bootcamp style workouts to do or make your own. I don’t often find a complete workout I like in any magazine, but there are usually a few moves I like and will incorporate into my own bootcamp routine. Browse through some fitness mags to get ideas.
Always be sure to BE CAREFUL if you are going to brave the outdoors during the winter months. Pay attention to tip number 2 and make sure you are properly clothed. I don’t want any of your precious limbs falling off!
What are your tips to beating the winter weather?
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    >Great tips…and I LOVE your taste in workout DVDs :) My #1 workout format is always workout DVDs (Jillian, Bob, and Jackie Warner are my favorites). Plus a good dog-walk every afternoon :)Hope the rain lets up for Christmas!

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    >Yikes!!!!! Sorry about the flooding!!!!!My fitness winter tips mimics yours…good workout gear, having a "gym" at home–mine consists of a kettle bell, a mat, a ball, a med ball and Exercise TV…my gym membership also!

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    >Fact. I am always telling my girlfriends to find a good 10-minute ab video because if nothing else, you accomplish something for your body, without having to move the sun and the moon.Otherwise, in the winter, I'm all about the aforementioned ab video, a splash of yoga on demand and the treadmill.Even though the snow here is ridiculous, I absolutely despise rain, I can't imagine looking out at a street like that!

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    >You're the 4th person to recommend Bob Harper's workout DVD, I think I'm really going to buy it this time! I can't believe you that the river in that photo is outside of your apartment, I've never seen anything like that (except on news + youtube!) these are awesome tips for workouts that don't require stepping foot outside. aaand… I want snow. I feel like everyone is enjoying that beautiful sheet of white except Seattle (and, well, LA…) and I find myself a bit jealous. I love me some winter!

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    >great tips! I love working out outside, but it hasnt happened here in over a month. Between my ankle and surgery not much working out has happened here lately, but those are tips I definitely use when I am working out! I want to get a kettlebell too!

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    >Usually no rain or snow? It's the antithesis of where I am! :) I've never seen those new DVD's out by the TBL trainers – they are coming out so quickly! My floor is so shaky though that jumping up and down shakes the whole place! Yipes!

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    >What a great post. My tip for working out in the winter is to stay positive. I know that if I head outside thinking it's going to suck, and that it's too cold, my workouts are always shorter. And don't forget to drink plenty of water, just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't get dehydrated.

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