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I’m a passionate person. Like, REALLY passionate. I’m also stubborn to a fault, so even if I know for a fact I am wrong, I will never let you know that. I will still defend my position. But that’s another story. Let’s get back to passion.

I am passionate about many things. My faith, my sports, my views on certain subjects. Nothing has gotten me into arguments as much as my passion for health though. One of the biggest ones? The fat debate.

If you recall my story, I explain how my mom did the fat free thing. So I grew up completely fearing fat. I was the one kid at lunch who never had PB&J sandwiches, because well, they were loaded with fat. Everything I ate was fat free. How could I be sure? It said it on the label! If there wasn’t a label, I didn’t eat it.

Well today obviously, my views on fat free food has changed. Drastically.

Some of my favorite foods contain fat. Ok, let me rephrase that. My favorite foods are considered “fat” foods. I mean honestly, whose favorite food is a carrot?

IMG_2740 I frequently dip into these babies throughout the day. And by dip I literally mean I use a spoon, and take a giant scoopful.


Hummus and I have an uncontrollable relationship. Meaning I have no control when its in my fridge.

Now when  say fat, I mean healthy fats. I’m not talking about the trans fats in your Twinkie. I am talking about wholesome fats with real benefits.

Fats like:

  • avocado
  • nut butters
  • hummus
  • nuts
  • olive oil
  • sunflower,pumpkin, and flaxseeds
  • fatty fish like salmon

And that’s just the basic list of good fats. Including these fats into your daily diet will have you feeling like a rock star in no time.

Because going fat free doesn’t mean that you will lose fat. It means you will lose the benefits that fat gives your body. Your hair, skin and nails will suffer. Not to mention you will constantly be in a foggy state because your brain doesn’t have the fat it needs to run properly.

Fat doesn’t make you fat people. Excess calories make you fat. Laziness makes you fat.

And guess what? You can still gain weight on a healthy diet. Because it’s all about calories in and calories out. You could eat nothing but fruit, veggies and nuts all day, but if you are eating 5,000 calories worth and not moving an inch, you are guaranteed to see some weight gain.

So please stop eating fat free cookies and thinking you are somehow avoiding weight gain. Cause you’re not. You’re not fooling anyone, and most importantly, you aren’t fooling your body.

Stepping off my soap box now.


How do you feel about the fat free debate?
Get on your soap box! What’s one health issue you feel strongly about?


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    You are sooooo wise and all I can say is amen!!!! People have no idea what they’re getting themselves into going ff! I’ve been there before, and thank god I learned how wrong I was!! Now I make sure to eat tons of nut butter, avocados, salmon etc every single day!! Those are my favorite sources!! Thanks for sharing this! Happy Monday! Spa <3

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    couldn’t agree more. fat is essential in all diets, I was the unhealthiest when i avoided fats and I would never go back there. it messes up your whole body in more ways than one. You scream from that soap box! i will be right there with you

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    very very true girl! And although I can’t attest to this fact yet because I haven’t done comparisons with different foods and products, I have heard that fat free is also bad because they add a ton of other stuff in the food, like more sugar.(?) And I think it would make sense since they have to make it taste better somehow! I love my fats and totally believe that they keep me more energized and wholesome in terms of my health. 😀

    And health issue? WEll, I have mannnnnyyyyy that I’m passionate about, but I always get SO worried and riled up inside when people around me, whether I’m close to them or not, tell me that they’re dieting and eating only this/that, only breakfast, and that’s it. Or when they go on dangerous fads like hormonal injections and stuff. Those are scary and so bad for us you know?

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    I agree with you on the fat free thing! I used to be a “diet food” eater, but have moved towards “clean eating” as I’ve gotten older. Honestly, I just got sick of dieting and realized it was backfiring on me. Every time I diet, I end up splurging and going back to my old habits. Right now, I’m finishing up reading Intuitive Eating and it’s really helping! It’s hard to let go of dieting but I just don’t want to do it anymore! I just want to live a balanced life. :)

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    A-freakin’-men. When people tell me that they’re on a fat free diet, my left eye starts twitching uncontrollably. And I always find it funny because I’ve noticed that it’s the people that try to avoid eating fat that are the ones who end up usually struggling with their diets. Not only is fat delicious, but it’s so important for our bodies. I remember always being moody and unsatisfied when I was on a fat free diet, and my hair and skin definitely suffered as a result as well :( No more.

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    i think its funny how much my perspective on fat has changed in even the past month! Before I would only eat fat free things when I wasn’t the “healthiest” with my decisions but now that I have started crossfit and have been looking into the paleo diet my whole mind thought has done a complete u-turn! Now i’m all about healthy fats and meats.. like bacon. I would never eat bacon and this week I picked two meals with bacon in it!

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    YES!! I also go craaaaazyyyy when people talk about sugar-free and mention how much sugar is in, “that banana!” or that fruit is, “high in carbs, watch out.” People are insane. Stupid social media brain washing the world. Make it stop!

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