Fit Bit: Becoming Your Own Motivation

Instead of focusing on the workouts this week, we are going to focus on the motivation behind those workouts.


During my ED, I was always looking to be someone else. My motivation came from a desire to be something completely different than myself. I wanted to look like and have the life of some stranger that I didn’t even know, all because of their outward appearance. I starved, withheld, sweat, and purged to get these strangers’ bodies, but to no avail. And yet everyday, that impossible vision was my goal: to look like whoever was my current ideal body.

It’s crazy to me now to look at another woman’s body and try to mold mine after it. Sure, I still find myself admiring other women’s bodies and wishing that I could have their long limbs or lean muscles, but I don’t strive to be them anymore. While I may long for what they have to some extent, I realize that their body isn’t mine, and won’t ever be. Regardless of how hard I work, how clean I eat, or how much I pray, the only body I am ever going to have is mine.

Which is why I have become my own motivation.


This is the reason why lately, my fitness life has been so fun. Sure, I still admire and look up to other women’s bodies and the hard work they put in, but I no longer set their accomplishments as my goal. Instead, I’ve been using my own body, my own preferences, and my own abilities as motivation and you know what I’ve discovered? That there is no better motivation than your own progress and success.

God made me to be 5’4, with thick legs and arms. He made me to be stout and compact, but He also made me to be strong and not easily breakable. He gave me a desire and a fire that pushes me daily to make something more of myself.

He most definitely did not make me to be a carbon copy of anyone else.

There’s a reason why there are apple shapes, pear shapes and hour glass shaped women. There’s a reason why some of us are short while others have legs for days. There are reasons why I love to lift weights and find strength in that, while Little Sissy loves to dance and finds herself lost in the movements.

All that to say, I find my motivation within myself daily. My goals don’t depend on someone else’s, nor do they need to match anyone else’s. The cool thing about my fitness journey, is that it has never been about prepping for a competition or looking better in a swimsuit. My journey has always been about loving myself fully and finding the strength within myself to stand and fight back against my demons, and to accomplish those two things I can’t look to anyone else for motivation.

If you really want to find success, then stop basing everything you do on someone else’s life. Be your own motivation.


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    I love this post! Lately I have finally stopped thinking that I had to exercise a certain way or a certain amount of time and have returned to just what I love. If I feel like spin class I go, if I feel like lifting I lift and if I get to the gym and only feel like a 30 minute workout I do it and I have to tell you I am so much happier doing what I want for my body than I was trying to follow an eating plan and exercise routine :)
    Hilary recently posted…Inspiration Through SongMy Profile

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    Great post! Thank you for sharing!! It took me many years, a divorce, a relapse and therapy to realize that I was doing things for others all along and not myself. I would constantly compare myself to other “God I ate so much more than her!” “I have to run as far as her”, etc etc etc.

    It is hard to change your thinking BUT i am doing it. I am not comparing myself to anyone but me. What I eat, what i chose to do (or not do) for exercise, etc. It may be perfect for some but not for others. I am finding my way and finding my likes again, after many years of pleasing others :)
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    This is a beautiful post! I think women have always struggled with issues such as this, but they are becoming so much more prevalent now with social media and all the “fitspo” messages we see every day. Thanks for spreading the good word about loving our own bodies the way they are!!
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    Becoming your own motivation in ED recovery is SO important (and in fitness too, and well, in anything that involves excelling forward in life)…..comparing can cause jealously and that is a horrible emotion. Being in recovery after 11 years of anorexia I can tell you that you are AWESOME and that what you are doing is taking huge courage – kudos to you lady!
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    This is INSANELY IMPORTANT. I always would compare myself, but these two quotes have helped me so much: “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” and “Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.” I always thought it was so important that I eat the meal plan that worked for someone else or exercised like a celebrity. When I found out it was what worked for ME and only me, everything changed. Some days I eat a really high fat diet, some times I eat TONS of carbs. Some times I run 6 miles in under an hour, other days I go for a walk and do yoga. When you stop comparing yourself to others and really start to listen to your body, that’s when the results happen! I saw these two quotes online, and they blew me away: “You are all that you have. There’s no other choice, no other body. You are responsible for this. You don’t have the options to feed, to hurt, to hate anyone else. Your body is not an embarrassment of a burden. It was given to you as it is, there’s no other discussion about it.” and “Do not look at yourself with disgust. You are a gift to this Earth. You are beautiful. You are light, an energy, an essence. You are nature herself.” – Heidi Pickett. It really puts it into perspective how wonderfully and beautifully we were made! Kat, I LOVED THIS POST. You are such an inspiration xx

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