Favorite Things Friday

I know today is Friday, but man did today suck!! Well, it didn’t really suck, it was just super frustrating.

1. The internet at my office was down, and the ATT guy was supposed to come between 8-12. My job is on the internet, so I literally just sat there twiddling my thumbs. Guess what time he came? 11:30. And I leave at 1. I was so not impressed.

2. I pulled my quad doing 1 leg squats. I went down into the squat and BOOM, instant pain. And the squats weren’t even weighted. I’ve iced and foam rolled, and still can’t walk properly. Awesome.

3. My neighbor complained about Jax barking. She’s the same neighbor that made us get rid of our other puppy. She left a horribly rude note on our door, and now gives us dirty looks. Needless to say, I am not happy about that.

All in all though, I guess today wasn’t too bad. As long as my neighbor shuts up about Jax I’ll be fine. If she doesn’t, well we might have world war 3 on our hands.

And now for some current favorites:

Walnuts – seriously cannot get enough of these little nuts! I’ve been sprinkling them on everything, and even have some muffins to bake later with more walnuts!

IMG_3214applesauce topped with walnuts

Pancakes – I’ve been craving pancakes pretty much everyday. I think it’s because what I really want is a big fatty waffle, but the lack of a waffle iron prevents me from those, so pancakes it is!


Coconut Flour PancakesIMG_3170Dark Chocolate Dream Pancakes

Green Tea Mints – Bestie got these for me for Christmas and I am seriously hooked. They are so delicious! The box says that 3 of them are equal to the antioxidants in 1 cup of green tea. Not really sure about that, but either way, they are stinkin yummy!greenteamints

Cheese – I am literally craving cheese nonstop. Grilled cheese, quasadillas, nachos, and anything else that comes with cheese.


Normally I wouldn’t mind giving into my craving, however I am trying to cut out cheese, so this craving is making it really difficult. Sissy and I have come to the conclusion that dairy messes with our tummy’s (as well as her newborn son’s!) so we are trying to cut out dairy. I don’t really eat much dairy, unless of course you count the cheese and yogurt. I can deal without the yogurt, but the cheese? I really am not sure how I’m going to be able to handle that one.


I need some non dairy yogurt and cheese recommendations! Got any? And PLEASE for goodness sake give me some cheese that melts well!


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    Sorry your day was less than stellar!
    Those pancakes have me drooling 😛
    Have you tried coconut or almond yogurt? They might do the trick.

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    gosh neighbors like that would bug me. it is an adorable dog. man people just don’t understand dog love. that stinks about your leg, praying it feels better soon. I am so sorry about the ATT guy, that is brutal. my boss let me go home for the day and work from home when that happened to us, she knew it wouldn’t be up in time.

    Love what you are digging though, would you guess i still have yet to make a pancake in my own apartment. sad!

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    Is it wrong that I loved your rant at the beginning? NOT that I love you had all that stuff happen..but that you shared it with us, it was fun to read. That sounds awful, I hope you get my point HA! BOO to the leg though, that’s rough!

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    I guess I am lucky because my neighbors have a turkey (who makes noises all the time) so they don’t complain over my little tourettes doggie. I would be in the same angry boat is someone dared to yell about something so little as a barking dog!

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    wow, I can only imagine how difficult it would be to deal with neighbors like that 0_0 Seriously, may God bring peace between you guys because Jaxie is a sensitive topic, you know?!

    And I agree that TOO MUCH cheese seems to create some weird circus in the stomach! Like, bloatedness, gas, and little pokey feelings. 😛 I’m not talking from personal experience 😉

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