Fall Favorites

I’m really having a hard time grasping the fact that it’s December tomorrow. Anyone else? Maybe it’s because the weather literally JUST got cold and wet over here. So with fall slowly fading away, I thought I’d share my fall favorites with you guys!

Favorite Posts:
Guilt, What Guilt?
What October Means to Me
The Doctor Called Me Fat
A letter To My Health
Prepping For The Holidays

Favorite Pumpkin Recipes:dippers'

Pumpkin Pancake Dippers


Spiced Pumpkin Biscotti 


Pumpkin Walnut Pancakes

Favorite Non Pumpkin Recipes: caramel1

Homemade Caramel

nanerbreadBanana Nut Bread 

Favorite Fall Moment:lincolnLincoln Joseph

My Sissy gave birth to her 2nd miracle baby this week, and he was born on the SAME EXACT DAY as her 1st miracle baby! I think God is playing some kind of funny joke on her. But regardless, she now has 2 blessings from above, and I now have 2 nephews to spoil and love all over!!


What has been your favorite part about fall?
Are you ready for December and Christmas?


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    Awwwww, Lincoln is so flippin’ adorable! I honestly can’t believe it’s December tomorrow either, but not because of the weather (it’s been cold in Boston for a little while now). I just honestly don’t know where each month has gone as it ticks closer and closer to the end of 2012. Even so, I’m buckling down and getting ready for Christmas. I’m actually on top of my present shopping this year!

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    oh that is sooo crazy! I’ve never known someone who was born on the same day as his/her sibling, except my twin friends. 😀 He’s such a cute and handsome newborn…hehe. And I’m llooooving the weather here, Kat! Rainy weather is my fave and wish it didn’t stop. I’m about to go out on a wet walk with Greg in a bit. Have a beautiful day girl!

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    All this pumpkin action is makin me foam at the mouth!! I think I’m gonna have to start carrying a drool bucket with me whenever I read your posts haha 😉

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    Awwr congratulations to your sister! That’s so crazy that they were born on the same day – God is truly amazing 😀 And Fall was pretty great (albeit short around these parts), but I’m definitely ready for Christmas… in fact, I may or may not have been counting down the days like crazy lately because I want to start decorating so badly already and it’s tradition to wait until the first of December. Soon. Soon. 😀

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