DIY Christmas Gift.

Christmas is right around the corner which can only mean one thing, my bank account is getting dangerously low. Now, if your anything like me, you’d much rather give personal, more intimate gifts than something simple like a gift card. Not that there’s anything wrong with gift cards, there’s just something so special about a personalized gift to me. My girl Britt shared a gift she made her Manfriend the other day, and since I actually made something similar a while back, I thought I would share it with you all!

“365 Reasons Why I Love You” book
If any of you have read Ninja and I’s story, then you know we had a bit of a bumpy road before we were even officially dating. We were friends for about 2 years before we officially started dating, so by the time our 1 year anniversary rolled around, we were already planning on becoming engaged and getting married one day. Because of our history, I had a lot of ideas for our 1 year anniversary gift.

I decided on a book, filled with 365 reasons why I loved him, one for each day we had been together.IMG_2987

I used a large photo album for the book itself, and used scrapbook paper for all the pages. Inside, I used stickers, puffy paints, pictures and stamps to make it as creative and cute as I could.

IMG_2979 Ninja isn’t really a big reader, so my first worry was that he wouldn’t like the book at all. As I started making the pages however, I realized that I was actually putting our story down on paper, as well as all my feelings about him. How could he not appreciate that right?!


Some of the reasons I came up with were silly and some were even trivial. Ninja isn’t a really serious guy, so the reasons really reflected his personality.

Of course some of the reasons were personal and sensitive. Those reasons were what made up the bulk of our relationship. Those reasons are why I fell in love with him.

See the last one on the far right? It says “you understand my food issues.”

That reason right there, was one of our biggest hurdles. Not going to lie, sometimes it still is. But even from the beginning, even before we were married, he understood my problems, and he loved me anyway. THAT, is what makes my husband so special.

All that to say, this gift was well under $20. The supplies are simple to find, and as long as you are creative (which I am NOT, and even I pulled it off!) you can come up with something beautiful.  I’ve got quite a few DIY projects in the work this month, so get ready to be creative!


DIY or buy when it comes to gifts?


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    This is such a sweet gift idea! I want to make one, if only I had someone to give one to, haha. Or, wait, could I make one for myself? That would kinda be an amazing boost to have and flip through on grumpy/blah days. I love homemade gifts–I try to do about half and half purchased and made for my friends and family :)

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    Oh my gosh, what an amazing gift! You’re so creative to come up with that :) I bet Ninja loved it!

    I’m the same way though. I LOVE buy and make people personalized/special gifts rather than getting some gift card or some chocolate. I take my time thinking about what the person would really love and I tend to come up with things they may have not even thought to ask for. I love this time of year :)

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    That is by far one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever seen (Wow did I stumble to your blog on the right day LOL). Anyways, I think that would be a fabulous engagement gift too…hmm, I’m seriously amazed by that wow. Have a great weekend! :)

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    Aaaaaand my heart just melted. This is seriously one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever seen, and I would probably be a blubbery mess if I ever got something this thoughtful. You, my friend, have one of the most amazing hearts that I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. Gah! I just absolutely adore you <3 <3

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    I am so glad you shared this I wanted to see the book so bad! This is SOOOO adorable!! The work you put into this is amazing. What a lucky guy, you two are perfect!! DIY for sure!

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    && this is just BEAUTIFUL and so HEARTWARMING!! Your book turned out great. Thank you so much for this idea <3 Your man has got himself an amazing woman!

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    AHHHHHHHHH I am in love with this idea!!! What a great gift, and so heartfelt too! Ninja is absolutely gonna flip over that book, I’m so happy you two found each other :)


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