Daddy’s House Recap

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I sure did! Ninja and I made good time getting to daddy’s, and arrived at 6PM Friday night. Then, the fun began!!


Little Sissy and I. I seriously can’t believe she’s already 8 years old. These kids really need to stop growing!


While the boys were out, Little Sissy and I played a round of Junior Monopoly! (she kicked my butt btw)


Their hound dog, Molly, watched over us while we played.

Saturday night was all about Little Bro. He was playing his last home game as an Outlaw. I was so happy that I got to be there!


Pre-game chat with the coach


Congrats ceremony with mom and daddy


He even got to be a captain! GO #45!

While Little Bro did his thing on the field, Ninja and I froze up in the stands


We were fine until the sun went down, that’s when the shaking started!

Post game, the boys always head over to a pizza joint to celebrate together


Now that’s some veggie pizza!! I was so stoked by the amount of veggies on this pizza!

Post game snuggles with Little Bro, who was a little too exhausted from his game to care much


Yup, that’s my baby brother, all grown up!

Even though we only stayed for a day, it was a good visit and I’m glad that we went. These kids are getting so big. I swear its like I blinked and they grew up. Thanksgiving is the next time I will be going up there, and it will be for a longer visit, so I’m excited for that!


How was your weekend?
Would you rather have shorter family visits more frequently or longer visits less often?


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    I love spending as much time as possible with my family! I just wish it could be more often! Love the pictures :) Glad to see you had such a great weekend!

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    oh my goodness! They DID grow up really fast! The last time you talked about them, they looked much much littl-er. :) And that pizza looks bomb! I love it when they’re fillllled with vegetables as it adds to the complex texture and flavors.

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    Awwr I’m SO happy that you had such a great weekend with your family 😀 I spent a good chunk of the weekend with my parents as well, and that’s always something I look forward to. Truth be told, I’ve never really been in a position where I’ve been away from my closest family. I still live about a 15 minute drive away from my parents, and the rest of my family is over in Europe so I’ve never really been very close to them. That being said, I go over there for about a month every year or two, so I guess I prefer less frequent and longer visits 😆

    Glad you’re back safely, love <3

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    I’m so happy that you had such a wonderful time visiting your family. Congratulations to your brother :)..

    ohh & did you get any candy corn?? haha

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    Haha. Recently I played Chutes and Ladder with a little 5 year old and she beat me EVERY SINGLE TIME. No joke — the only time I won was when we played the game backwards (so in essence, it didn’t really count). Haha. Kids are so smart these days. 😉

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    Woah veggie pizza! Most of the veg pizzas I’ve come across are a whole lotta sauce and lack so much in looking like your slices!

    I love that you’re the oldest, I feel like everyone my age is the youngest or middle kids in the family, oddly enough. You might be the only gal I know who has a little brother and sister – even though your brother is looking so grown up in his football gear!

    God bless ya, girl. Have a great week!

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    Holy cow, why can’t I find veggie pizzas that look like that?? There’s usually one or two sad strips of green bell pepper hidden in the cheese, and that’s it. And Jr. Monopoly FTW–all the fun of Monopoly, except it actually ends! Glad you had such a great weekend with the family, looks like you have some pretty awesome (or at least really tired ;D ) siblings!

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