Laughs and Giggles.

Ever heard that laughing is good for the soul? Well, I agree with that statement, especially after the not so great day I had yesterday. Today’s NHBPM prompt is all about laughing, so get your giggles ready!

Ok so I know this is animal overload, but they are always the [...]

A letter to my health.

Thank you guys for the love and prayers sent my friend’s mom’s way. It really means a lot, and I am glad that I was able to share her story with you. Hopefully someone will benefit from her disease, whether that be through knowledge or early detection.

Today’s WEGO prompt is another interesting one…write [...]

Raising Awareness For Another.

Happy WIAW! I’m in a bit of a rush today so let’s cut straight to the good stuff shall we?

Breakfasts recently have been quick and no effort. There has been so little effort involved, that I don’t even spread peanut butter on my bagel, I just dip and eat!

ww bagel [...]

Making Time For Me.

Busyness runs in my genes. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off was invented by my family. My mother actually does it best. It’s like she always has something to do. And it’s not just something, it’s like the-worlds-going-to-end if she doesn’t do it kind of thing.

As you can probably imagine, [...]

Get On That Soap Box.

I’m a passionate person. Like, REALLY passionate. I’m also stubborn to a fault, so even if I know for a fact I am wrong, I will never let you know that. I will still defend my position. But that’s another story. Let’s get back to passion.

I am passionate about many things. My faith, my [...]

What’s In My Bag?

First off, all the comments on yesterday’s post are awesome. I love that you guys have my back and want to punch my Doc in the face just as much as I do. I hope one day the BMI chart will be a thing of the past. Or will at least, be a part of [...]

The Doctor Called Me Fat.

I’m not typically much of a joiner, but since I’m really trying to expand my horizons and get out of my tiny shell, I figured I could try this one out. Amanda shared this on her blog the other day, and I thought it would be a really fun idea and thing to be a [...]

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