They grow up fast.

It seems like just last month Ninja and I were at the pound visiting the puppies to be adopted. We have this thing where when we are bored and don’t want to spend money, we head over to the pound. We had always hoped to find the dog of Ninja’s dreams there (since I already [...]

Puppies for Joy.

Happy Veterans Day! For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m actually an extreme lover of all things military. I adore them and their cute little outfits, and am so grateful for everything our soldiers have done and continue to do for us. I hope you guys will send up some thoughts or prayers to [...]

Weekend Recap–Not the One I had Planned

I had a pretty exciting weekend planned. Ninja was going away to Men’s Retreat with our church, and I was going to go see my favorite band play in concert with my Bestie. Sounds pretty great right? Well, Ninja got to get away for his fun weekend, but my plans changed early Saturday morning.


Not a Replacement, Just Another Member of the Family

Hey guys. I have a bit of a confession.

Remember waaaay back, when I told you guys that Ninja and I had adopted puppy? She was a two month old Rottie.

Well, there’s a reason why I haven’t posted about her or kept you updated on her growth.

Ninja [...]

New member of the family

Happy Monday!! First and foremost, thanks for the comments on my last post.  I really appreciate all your kind words. And its nice to know that none of you are ok with that diet. That’s really what I wanted the post to be about, but it hit so close to home, I just kind of [...]

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