Currently Loving –August/September

Hey hey hey!

I’m back [yet again] from a mini blog break due to a vacation, but I promise that this one was the last [planned] one for a while. Guess you guys are stuck with me

Absolutely loving all the entries for my AMRAP giveaway. Keep ‘em coming! I actually [...]

Currently Loving

It’s Monday.

I’m tired, it’s hot, and I have no desire to work. Such is life….Let’s get to some things I’m currently loving to beat the Monday blues!

Currently Loving: Dance

Little Bro, Daddy, Little Sissy and Blue [brother’s best friend]

“This ginger needs [...]


Well Monday, we meet again.

I’ve been all over the map lately, so seeing as how I’m still working off little to no sleep and I have no inspiration to write up a blog post that requires real brain power, you’re going to get a jumbled post of current likes and dislikes.

Current [...]

Currently Loving

Is it really Monday already? Boo to that.

Ninja and I were up at the awesome time of 5:45am in order to help my mom with the antique fair she runs a booth at once a month, so we basically only had Saturday to sleep in. Not that either of us did. I woke [...]

Currently Loving.

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. I cannot even begin to tell you how much joy that brings me. It rarely rains here in LA, so when it does, I’m the freak out there dancing in it (you think I’m kidding, I’m really not). Anywho, my love for rain gave me [...]

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