Bye Bye Food Logs

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you guys. It actually happened about a month ago, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stay strong through it, so I didn’t want to tell you only to go back on my word.

Most of you are familiar enough with my story about past unhealthy eating habits and body image. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you may even remember I FINALLY ditched calorie counting last year. And while yes I had ditched counting calories last year, I still tracked my food in a food log.


Well, I’ve officially ditched that as well.

I realized how obsessive my food log was becoming, and I am NOT about to go down that dark, lonely road again. I was literally jotting down everything, all the while telling myself it was to make sure I was eating enough and getting the necessary nutrients. Yep, shenanigans. That food log was nothing more than my ED trying to wiggle its way back into the driver’s seat.


starting to realize the importance of food as FUEL

I found myself studying the log at the end of the day, looking back on previous days, and even planning the next day’s food. I’m all for meal planning, but it was really starting to get out of hand. My day literally tanked if I was unhappy with what I had ate that day. As if my food had ANY control over the outcome of my day. What the heck?!


overtraining and killing my body

Obviously I’m still battling away with myself daily. I blog about my food, so I guess that is kind of a food log, but I by no means show you guys EVERYTHING. If I did, there’d be a lot of spoonfuls of peanut butter on here each day, and that would get old real fast.

All this to say, I’m actually kind of proud of myself. I’ve let my ED take over one too many times, but this time I came out on top. And while I realize I still have a very long way to go, I’m going to take this tiny victory and run with it.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go, and this is something I am finally ready to let go.

Bye Bye food logs!!


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    Oh my goodness Kat I am SO happy for you! You seriously rock :)
    I recently ditches counting cals and macros and I TOTALLY know what you mean about feeling free– it’s amazing to just give it all over to God!
    Love you chica!

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    That’s so great! Power to ya :)
    I actually just started tracking my food about 2/3 months ago since i have a muscle gain goal and if i don’t track it – most days i’ll probably not get in the carbs my coach wants me to eat.
    But if you don’t have any specific goals like that i really believe in intuitive eating/listening to your body, hunger levels.

    Exciting to see how this will work for you :)

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    Good call, Kat! I also know the power of over-planning my eating far too well. It’s a slippery slope once you get started, but I think eliminating this tool will really help. One thing that I found freedom in during my journey to rid of restriction was to stop thinking so much about food. I’ve realized that I’m just not able to track calories without falling into a mind trap.

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    I’m so excited for you!!! It sounds like you’re heading in the right direction :) And you’ve made so much progress, you know you definitely dont’ want to go back!

    Kat, you’re such an amazing person :) I hope you and Ninja have a great weekend!

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    Such a great realization girlie! I am so proud of you, and I’m so inspired by you! I think I start to get an unreal perception about myself when suddenly I start to think TOO much about what goes in my mouth. It’s great to be healthy and all, but taxing our minds with too much thinking can’t be good either! I am encouraged by this post because I need to always keep in mind that simply living, eating, and loving God is where it’s at! 😀

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    This is so wonderful, Kat! I am so proud of you for doing this!!! Yey to ditching the food log and letting it all go! Intuitive eating…food as fuel…yey!

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    this is wonderful news! i too had to first stop cal counting, then stop writing everything down. now i’m at the point where i still run over in my head what i ate, but at least i’m not writing it down. i hope to get to the point where i wake up and say oh…i didn’t go over what i ate yesterday in my mind! but baby steps :) congrats!


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