Boxer Error

It’s Wednesday. Which means that tomorrow is my last day off of work. Boo. It also means it’s time to party!WIAWbutton 

I started the day off right with a small breakfast, just light enough to hold me over but not too heavy to cramp me up mid workout.IMG_3197ww toast with coconut PB and 2 clementines 

I rounded off my breakfast with a nice cup of peppermint green tea in my new favorite mugwiawjan

The heart starts off black, and as you fill it with hot water, it turns red! Ninja was sick of me babbling on and on about how cute it was I guess, because he got me it for Christmas!

After breakfast I headed over to my mom’s to walk her dog, then hit up the in-laws for some punching bag action! (yes I went to 2 different places for my workout today, not all of us can afford gym memberships!)

IMG_3201I’m so tough with my boxing gloves and blinged out necklace. 

Of course little did I know, these gloves were a bit too small and didn’t cover my knuckles. I was hammering away when I suddenly noticed some red spots on the bag. wiawjan2Oops. So apparently I’m not the smartest boxer in the world, but hey at least it was fun right?! Except now my in-laws have blood dots on their punching bag…

The rest of my eats looked like this

wiawjan3peas, quinoa, feta cheese, and an egg – greens topped with chicken, cranberries, walnuts, apples and a vinaigrette – mini turkey sandwich alongside grapes and celery boats – yogurt topped with cereal and walnuts – babybel cheese

And now I’m off to finish up some freelance work and clean the house. Happy Wednesday!


Ever hurt yourself while exercising? I’ve fallen off the treadmill more times than I can count…
Have any funny workout stories?

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