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Happy WIAW! How have we all been doing so far this week? I’m starting to slightly stress out because of all the X-mas shopping I still have left to do, and all the parties coming up are getting in the way of my shopping time. Thank goodness for online shopping!

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays

I wish I could say that I have a new and exciting breakfast to share with you all, but, I don’t. I picked up more wheat english muffins, and have been enjoying my new favorite combination each morning this week!wiawwinter  ww english muffin, whipped cream cheese, apple slices and cinnamon – tomato soup + focaccia bread – tortilla pizza with hummus, black beans and tomatoes + sprouts – naner 

I have a slight confession guys. It turns out I have a problem. IMG_2955

A banana hoarding problem. I really don’t know how this happened. Maybe it’s because I buy bananas at every store I go to? At least now I will have plenty of naners for when the baking urge hits!

Dinner was my old stand by, or my go to meal when I’m eating without Ninja. Ninja opted to have frozen pizza for dinner, so I whipped up my favorite hot salad.

kalesalad Kale & Quinoa Salad

Dessert however, was something totally new to me. My mom gave me this when I walked her pup Reese yesterday, and Ninja and I were more than happy to try it out.

wiawwinter2 That is a 2lb snickers bar.

Have you guys seen these things? They also have 2lb Reese’s, Peppermint Patties, Hershey Bars, and Kit Kats. Needless to say, I will be getting a few of these for Ninja for Christmas. He pretty much thinks this is the best thing in the universe. And I’m not gunna lie, I think it’s pretty awesome too.


Are you a food hoarder of something specific?
Interested in eating a 2lb candy bar? Not all at once obviously!


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    LOVE bananas!!! I frequently buy a dozen a week or so for the two of us at home..
    And that Snicker’s bar is totally going under the tree for my BF! Where can I buy??

  2. says

    Is it sad that I would still probably try to eat the 2lb bar all at once? The tortilla pizza looks good and I think I always have the ingredients on hand for other things so now I have no reason not to try it!

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    2lb candy bar?? As glorious as that sounds, I don’t think I could have one in my house, I WOULD eat it all in one sitting ;D Haha, I’m a total banana-hoarder too! Half of my freezer is dedicated to frozen bananas, since I can’t eat all the ones I buy before they get too ripe.

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    HAHAHA!!!!!! YAY we can officially be banana buddies! 😀 My freezer is overflowing with slices of them for smoothies and banana froyo 😉
    Oh and that 2 lb candy bar?! EPIC!!! Have mercy, I’d probably pound that bad boy in one fell swoop haha

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    Haha that banana pic made me laugh because that’s exactly what our fruit bowl looks like…although that’s due to my bro who is the banana hoarder of the family! I’m more of an apple hoarder…and the thing is they NEVER go to waste! And on the other end of the spectrum, I wouldn’t mind being a Kit Kat hoarder, although 2 lbs of the stuff could be dangerous territory ;)!

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    Hehe. I was actually looking at my banana basket this morning and decided that I definitely have a problem on my hands. Many, many brown spotty bananas – but that just means it’s time to bake up something delicious! I’m actually thinking cookies this time around. And would I ever be down for one of those epic candy bars. No Snickers for me, for obvious reasons, but KitKat? I’d be all over that.

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    I’m a nut butter hoarder for sure!!! I think I currently have about 6 in my pantry! Awkward! They are all different brands tho and flavors! Ranging from justins hazelnut to maranatha maple almond to pb2 to pb&co white choc dreams. I’ve got it all! Lol!! Spa<3

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    OMG I have seen the 2lb Reese’s and I want one SO bad!! That Snickers looks SO good!! I love your hoarding could always be worse! Now you will always have an excuse to make banana bread!

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    Why change your breakfast if it works?? =) I’ve seen those bars around, but I’ve never been tempted enough to actually buy it. Joshua’s not a big chocolate fan, so I’d be the only one eating it.. not cool! Ha Ha.

    I’m a hoarder when it comes to apples & salsa.

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