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Happy WIAW! Are you guys ready for some eats?wiaw fall into good habits button

I’m going to be honest with you guys. My breakfasts have been fairly lack luster recently. I blame it on lack of sleep-weather-and overall desire to make anything. I guess I have to make a confession. I’m in a breakfast rut. There, I said it! I feel so relieved now….IMG_2743 wheat bagel, naner and peanut butter

To be honest, this rut I’m in is quite tasty, so I really don’t see the big rush to get out of it.

I wouldn’t say I’m in a rut when it comes to lunches, but I am definitely in a certain kind of mood. A soup and bread kind of mood.

soup homemade broccoli cauliflower soup and homemade minestrone, all with a thick slice of french bread

Soup isn’t as delicious if there isn’t a fat piece of bread to dunk into it. The soup is automatically 100x better if that fat piece of bread is french bread. It’s a known fact.

And dinner? Well, I’ll let dinner speak for itselfsoup2


cheesy broccoli soup along with a grilled wheat pita stuffed with seasoned chicken and provolone cheese

There are no words to describe how much I enjoyed this meal. Literally no words. There were lots of sounds though. And I’m on a bit of a cheese kick if you haven’t noticed. My dreams lately have been filled with nachos, quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Of course no day is complete without a few snackssnacks6 saltine crackers and PB, watermelon

I’m aware this is my second time eating peanut butter in 1 day. I’m also aware the serving size for peanut butter is 2T. Know what? I don’t care.

And last but not least, I have to get my chocolate fix in somehow each day. Recently, I’ve resorted to an old favorite.cocoaFACT: Hot cocoa is not complete without a dollop of cool whip or a squirt of whip cream. It’s just not. 

It’s also a fact that if you squirt some whip cream directly into your mouth before you squirt some into your cup, your day will improve immensely. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.


What are your food facts?
Anything specific you’ve been craving a lot lately?


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    I don’t blame you for having the same brekkie- one of the best combos out there! My food fact for the day: I just can’t get enough of eggs and cheese today…which explains why lunch involved feta & scrambled eggs whereas dinner included a cheddar frittata!

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    Yup, PB, banana and bagel can’t be beat. And I will always make the conscious decision to ignore the serving size on jars of nut butter.

    Food fact: You DO need to try tempeh! I’ll admit it’s not for everyone, but it definitely has a flavor all it’s own (and texture), so that puts it heads above tofu in my book. If you want to try pre-made first, I suggest buying premade tempeh bacon (usually in the refrigerated health-food-section of grocery stores/Whole Foods). All the joys of bacon AND tempeh! If you like that, then by all means cook your own–it is SO simple/easy, just marinate and bake/pan-cook/broil, your choice. (I can give you specifics there if you’d like).

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    I have been in a soup mood lately too! Yum! I also love hot chocolate! yum! After my 5k a couple of weeks ago all i wanted was hot chocolate so I popped one of my kcups in! yum! so good! I’ve been craving panera bagels for like months now! I need to goooo!

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    I’ve been in a food rut for like a month. Wanting to eat the same thing every single day! Soup MUST have bread, I agree..it’s just not the same without it. My fact is this..coffee tastes better when it’s in a cute mug.

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    Mmmm watermelon. What? Err. Hi 😀

    Breakfast rut – that’s me for the past… 4 months? I think I’ve just fallen into a habit with yogurt and cereal, or maybe it’s another phase? I went through an oatmeal phase, a PopTart phase, a Mini Wheat phase… maybe this is just another thing that has to run it’s course. At least it’s delicious 😀 My foodie fact? My day isn’t complete without a trip to Starbucks… especially now that it holds a special place in my heart 😉

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    I can’t get over how delicious your dinner looks. I kinda wish it were dinner time so I could run to the kitchen & make it! bummer.

    I can’t seem to get enough of pancakes. They are making the perfect breakfast meals lately :)

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    Love this, especially the banana/bagel/pb combo, SO true! And I must say, I’m drooling pretty hardcore over that lunch sandwich haha
    Lately, I haven’t been able to get enough bananas. You’d better just start referring to me as a chimp haha! 😀

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    oh, that cafe escapes hot cocoa is the bomb! I’m not BIG on hot cocoa, but I Have a few k-cups of that one and it’s one of the best :) And I loooove soup so I really want some, especially your minestrone! ahhhhh~~~soup and salad are my friends at this moment.

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