[WIAW] Just can’t get enough

Time for some weekly eats! :)

While Wednesdays will never be my favorite day, they are slowly becoming more and more acceptable due to WIAW fun and leg day with Bestie. By the way, combining my favorite muscle to train along with one of my favorite people in the world makes for one heck of a good morning in my eyes, even if it is a 4:45am wake up call!


IMG_8164wheat toast topped with PB, egg scramble with berries & coffee

This breakfast is a result of not knowing what the heck my body wanted. All I knew was that I was beyond starving after my morning spin session and that I really needed coffee. I debated back and forth between an egg & cheese sandwich or scrambled eggs & PB and in the end, my love for healthy fats took over. To be completely honest, my morning just doesn’t seem complete without a nice sized serving of peanut butter [or almond butter. or coconut butter.].


turkey, romaine & avocado wrap with an apple & PB 

Super simple and super satisfying. I have to admit, I half decided to make a wrap because I was cleaning the house and wanted to be able to carry my food around with me while I did it. The other half was simply because I got these bomb wheat wraps that I’m obsessed with.

Oh and look! Another nut butter spotting. How so not original for me.


IMG_7774 strawberries n cream protein froyo 

This stuff has become such an important part of my day. Fun fact: these sprinkles are by far my favorite kind. The small round ones are ok too, but it takes them a while to soften up. These though? Perfection…


IMG_8204Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

Oh yes, I totally went there people. I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that cheese is something I will always crave [like, daily] so I’ve given up trying to fight a losing battle. This recipe is definitely because of that! I was sitting on my booty on Sunday afternoon when that craving for mac & cheese hit. I knew that I didn’t have enough cheese to make it how I really wanted to, so I found myself a recipe I could play with. Best. Decision. Ever.

I pretty much inhaled half the pan upon retrieving it from the oven, which of course has most likely left permanent burns on my tongue, but it was well worth the pain. Recipe coming soon!


What foods can you just not get enough of right now?

Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies

A fall twist to an old favorite, these Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies are packed with the fall flavors of cinnamon and pumpkin!

Well, crap.

I’ve discovered a new addiction guys, and I can see this one becoming a major problem in the foreseeable future. Even if my lack of creativity could prevent me from discovering new flavors and combinations to try, all you have to do is look Muddy Buddies up on Pinterest to find an entire collection of ideas.

Muddy Buddies? Or is it Puppy Chow?

IMG_8187 I’m sticking with Muddy Buddies, because Puppy Chow is a legit dog food name and that’s just weird.

Ok, back to this obsession of mine. I’ve got a Halloween party coming up at the end of the month and wanted to bring something new to the table [literally, the table]. Most Halloween parties only have candy for dessert [and really, i can’t blame them] so I wanted to be able to provide another option. I was quite honestly going to bring my White Chocolate Brownies made with Reese’s Pieces instead of white chocolate chips, but then this creation came about. Brownies who?

Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies
The perfect fall treat when you’re craving something crunchy & sweet


  • 1 cup Cinnamon Chex cereal
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup roasted pumpkin seeds
  • 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/3 cup candy corn [optional]

Stir together the cereal and pumpkin seeds in a large bowl. Melt the white chocolate, stirring well until smooth. Add in the pumpkin pie spice and mix. Once combined, pour the white chocolate over the cereal mixture. Stir until every piece is coated with the chocolate. Transfer the cereal into a large zip lock. Pour in the powdered sugar and shake well, making sure to coat mixture well. Dump onto a large tray and sprinkle the candy corn on top. Let cool.

IMG_8192 IMG_8193 
Somebody needs to drive on over here and take this stuff from me.

Although beware, you may find a rabid Kat with a powdered sugar ring around her lips and chocolate coated fingers.

I love the subtle hint of pumpkin spice that comes through with this mix. Also, the pumpkin seeds are a nice surprise when you are expecting more cereal. My mouth seemed to like the different textures, hence why my hand kept diving back into the bowl.

I think I have some kind of brain to hand disconnection, because my mind says “No More! ” and yet my hand won’t stop shoveling it into my face….

I think that’s a pretty good indication that this little mix will be a party pleaser. Of course if it’s not, there’s always the bonus that I get it all to myself.


Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow?
Have you ever made a homemade version?

FitBit: Less Cardio, More Progress

Happy Friday! :)

It’s been about a month since my injury, so it’s time for a little check up on that I think!

To be completely honest with you guys, I was freaking out when I first got injured. I knew right away that it was serious, which meant that it would take time & rest to heal. Time and rest are two words that I don’t use very often in my vocabulary.

But God is good, and He happened to plan this injury out perfectly and it happened literally the weekend that I bought a gym membership. Do you have any idea how much easier it is to workout when injured when you’ve got an entire gym at your disposal? It took so much stress off my shoulders!

As my ankle healed I was able to use the elliptical for cardio [instead of the treadmill I have at home] and was able to use a variety of different machines like the leg press [instead of the squat rack] to keep up my leg strength.

While I am by no means a cardio bunny, my workouts do tend to be more cardiovascular because of how much jumping around I do. Even if I have a strength training workout planned, I always end it with some tabata training of plyometric moves so that I can get a good burnout. Basically, I just like to sweat and be dead tired by the end of my workout. So because that is the type of workout I am used to, it was hard taking those initial first 2 weeks off of cardio completely. I mean, I could barely walk let alone jump, so I had to stick to a slow and steady pace on the elliptical. Talk about boring!

All that being said, I was slightly worried that I was going to lose some of the progress that I’ve been making in terms of strength gains and my body. Going from full speed ahead to one legged in a day is not something I’ve ever really experienced before, so I was quite frankly expecting the worse.

Imagine my surprise when I saw progress instead of regression.

Leg Progress [1 week before injury to 1 month after injury]legprogress3Obviously there isn’t a huge change in size, but I’m loving that line coming through for my quad muscle!

So obviously because it was my ankle that was injured, I was limited to what leg workouts I could do. I couldn’t perform a lunge or squat for about 2 weeks, so initially I was doing a lot of quad extensions and hamstring work. As time progressed and my ankle started to get better, I started to add in lunges and goblet squats. I also have added back in plyometric work as of a week ago.

Arm Progress [Last month vs this month]armprogress3   I know the lighting is different, but you can tell that there is a definite size difference. Also, my shoulders are kind of shaping up!

If that’s not proof that a semi-clean diet and a prominent strength based fitness regimen is enough to yield results, than I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, my ankle is still not 100% healed. I can run now, slowly, and actually managed two 2 mile runs this week at a 6.0 pace. Nothing ground breaking, but that’s the steady pace that I typically use when I’m just jogging along. Of course that was without my usual sprint intervals, but I take pride in the fact that I could run at a steady pace without pain.

What I can’t do? Squat without pain. Apparently when I drop it low, the tension and weight on the ankle is too much. I typically go booty to the floor for my squats, but right now I can only get parallel before the pain starts to set in. That is frustrating, seeing as how I loveeee to squat. I’m sticking to plain old goblet squats for now with only a 30lb dumbbell, because that’s all I can do without too much pain.

The main point here is, I was worried and stressed about having to cut back on my all-out intense workouts and cardio sessions and instead am seeing more and more progress each day, with pretty much no cardio and only heavy[ish] lifting.

I think I’ll take it.


Have you been surprised by changes in your body?

[WIAW] Gotta cut loose

Let’s daaaaaance!
[or you know, party with some food. Same thing.]WIAWbutton

The reason why I’m dancing [it’s more of a booty shake] is because the weather has finally dipped below the 80s. It’s actually been overcast until about noon for the past few days, which means that fall is here! Of course I’m sure by the end of the month the heat will creep back in but until then I’m going to rock my leggings and sweaters and coffee tumblr look non-stop. Not than I can fit into my jeans anymore anyway. Freaking Quadzilla over here….


egg scramble with kale & raspberries with coffee

I’m on a big time egg kick right now guys and I really have no idea why. Maybe my body is just craving more protein in the mornings now that I’m lifting so early? It’s kind of funny that now that the weather has finally cooled down and I can eat oatmeal without sweating to death, I no longer want it in the mornings. I’m sure that will change of course, but I do still find it slightly amusing. My body never really cooperates very well with me anyway…


IMG_8116 romaine lettuce, brown rice, ground turkey, bell pepper & avocado

My craving for mexican food has taken off lately. I find myself dreaming of cheesy, stuffed burritos and endless bowls of chips and guacamole. Of course, this meal has neither of those things, but the flavors did well to satisfy that craving I was having just a bit. I still want an entire block of melted cheese though.


IMG_7746 egg whites scrambled with mushrooms & broccoli & salsa + plain toast

Oh look, more eggs! Told you I was having a hankering for them lately. I was also having zero inspiration when it came to making dinner and since Ninja had a meeting at 5pm with some people at church, I decided to not make myself anything extravagant. I almost just poured myself a bowl of cereal and went that route, but then I heard the eggs calling to me from the fridge, so I snatched them up instead :)


IMG_8158 White Chocolate Brownie

I’m telling you guys, these things are to die for, especially when you warm them up for about 20 seconds. The white chocolate chips on top seem to melt down into the rest of the brownie, resulting in a gooey, delicious, ridiculously addictive piece of heaven. I may or may not have had two of these, one to preoccupy my impatient self while I warmed up the other.

Bonus: It’s a Christmas plate sighting! Don’t worry guys, I’m not one of those non-sense people who listens to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I’m still fully embracing fall before I let my mind wander into Christmas mode and how much debt I’m going to go in to because of Christmas shopping….


Has your breakfast choices changed because of different nutrients your body needs?
Breakfast for dinner fans?

White Chocolate Brownies

These white chocolate brownies are made without butter or sugar, but you’ll never notice that they’re missing.


I’ve got a thing for brownies. Coming from a self professed sugar-addict I know that may not mean much, but next to cakes, I think brownies may be my favorite dessert. Unless of course you count cookie dough. That ranks pretty high on my list as well.

But back to the brownies.

Brownies are one of those desserts that I can’t typically eat just one of. Especially if they are fudgy, rich, warm and crumbly, not necessarily in that order or all at once. I think my favorite thing about brownies is that like cookies, you can make them in almost any flavor or combination you want [by the way, I do consider Blondies to be brownies!], which means that brownies are almost always a winning dessert when you’re sharing with others.

Unless of course those “others” don’t like chocolate [*cough* Bestie *cough*].

I wish I could tell you that I whipped these babies up to share, but the flat out truth is that I just had a hankering for a brownie. The other thing I had a hankering for? White chocolate.

Lucky enough for me, I just happened to have white chocolate chips on hand. Sheer luck or just coincidence? Nope, I sought those suckers out at the grocery store last week with every intention of baking with them this weekend. For some reason, I just wanted something white chocolate flavored. Problem solved!

White Chocolate Brownies
Rich, fudgy and crumbly: three things every brownie should be!


  • 1 cup oat flour
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup plain, greek yogurt
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, blend together your melted coconut oil, honey and greek yogurt. Add in the egg whites and once mixed in, pour in your milk. In another bowl combine the oat flour, coconut flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. Slowly pour in wet ingredients and blend well. Remove 1/4 cup white chocolate chips [for top] and stir in remaining chocolate chips until incorporated. Sprinkle 1/4 cup white chocolate chips on top. Baking in an 8×8 well oiled pan for 35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

IMG_8127 IMG_8130IMG_8131 
These brownies are freaking amazing.

Like, so amazing that I’ve already finished one batch and started a second. I guess you could say my brownie craving got just a bit out of hand this weekend. No worries, I hit the gym bright and early this morning to burn it all off. Except now I‘m home and I can literally hear the brownies calling to me from the kitchen.

Curse you brownies and your magical powers.


What’s your favorite brownie add in?
Do you prefer them warmed up or just as is?

Thinking Out Loud #35: Like The Butterfly

It’s real talk time, guys.


Everyone who knows me [off the internet] knows about my love for butterflies. I never used to care much for them, I just thought they were a pretty bug, until my grandmother passed away. Butterflies were one of her favorite things and when I was headed home from her funeral, a group of migrating Monarch butterflies fluttered across the road in front of us. Somehow a smile crept unto my lips, even though tears were still falling from my eyes. I truly believe that was my grandmother, fluttering across that road, and to this day butterflies have represented so much more to me than just a pretty bug.

One of my least desirable traits is my inability to adapt, which is why I don’t do well with change. I mean I can eventually, over time, but I fight tooth and nail before giving in to it. I used to think it was my way of staying true to me, to fight to go against the grain, but in reality fighting change is just a stubborn fool’s battle.

There’s been a lot of change in my life over the years; some good, some bad, some just so-so. Regardless of how much I’ve fought against it, I’ve never once been able to stop it. Regardless of how many times I complained, or dug my feet into the ground, or avoided the situation, change always seems to happen without caring if I give it consent or not.

You can’t stop change. You can try to dodge it, outrun it, and battle against it, but change is ever present and always progressing. It’s part of this life.

Something that I’ve learned from my new found spirit animal the butterfly [just go with me here] is that change is actually something very beautiful. Think about the struggle that butterflies have to go through to become what they become. They literally live an entire life as one thing, a bug that is grounded and sluggish and slow, and transform eventually into a gorgeous being that flutters through the air with grace.

Caterpillars literally have to die in order to accept the change of becoming something else.

I still don’t like change. It tends to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me, two things that I’m not very fond of. What I’ve realized however, is that the results of change, tend to be quite beautiful.

The butterfly is proof that God brings beauty out of change. If He can create a being, a lowly bug, that can transform into something as beautiful as a butterfly, what do you think His plans are for you and me? Think about the time it takes for the caterpillar to transform and about the death it has to endure. Then remember that God is working on you too.

So yes, change is painful and hard and sometimes it flat out sucks. But in the end if my award is a beautiful pair of wings, I think I might just be ok embracing that change.


How do you handle change? Do you fight it or embrace it?

[WIAW] Tupperware Approved

Hey there party animals!


As you guys may know [or not, that’s ok] I’ve been hitting the gym bright and early [5:15 to be exact] most days of the week to get my workouts in now that I have a gym membership. Because I start work at 8am, I have to pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks to bring for work the night before. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at this night-before prep stuff, but it means that I’m eating a ton of meals out of a tupperware. Not that I mind, but it does make for an ugly WIAW post. Regardless, I thought I’d show you guys how I’ve been really eating on Wednesdays [as opposed to the typical Tuesday foods I post].


IMG_8103 Pumpkin Pie Power Balls

I literally just shove these things in my mouth as I’m running out the door, so sometimes I grab two and sometimes it’s three. Most of the times I’m not actually hungry, but I know there’s no way in heck I’m making it through an hour workout without food. Shoot, even with these I’m still starving by the time I get to work for my actual breakfast.


onoats overnight oats with flaxseeds, plain greek yogurt & stevia topped with raspberries & pb

I was never a huge overnight oats fan, but I think the weather and my overwhelming desire to eat oats has convinced me that I love them. Which, I kind of do now. Weird, right? I’ve been having all sorts of fun coming up with tasty combinations, and to be honest, overnight oats are just the simplest option for me when it comes to breakfast on the go. Although I’m thinking of maybe doing a massive prep this weekend of protein pancakes, so I can have those on some days instead of oats. Either way, need those carbs and protein to refuel!


minestroneminestrone soup

Yes, it’s 80 degrees and I’m eating soup. Sorry, I’m so not sorry. It also helps that we keep my work office at like 65 degrees all day. Minestrone soup is one of my all time favorite soups, and I think it’s simply because I can get a huge dose of vegetables in one little bowl. Not to mention its virtually impossible to mess up when your making it. Just pick your veggies, your pasta, and your bean, then BOOM! you’ve got a tasty soup to inhale :)

Mid Afternoon Snack

IMG_8100 protein froyo

[whispers] My Precious….

Nope, not stopping with these creations any time soon, so don’t even bother asking. My one and only thought when I walk in the door after work each day is “I sure hope my Vita is clean.” And for the most part thankfully, it is.


IMG_8075Panko breaded chicken with Pesto Cream Cheese Pasta

Holy carbs Batman! I didn’t even realize until now how many carbs I ate. O-well, got to give your body what it needs! This pasta dish is actually just something I whipped up on a whim to try something new, and Ninja absolutely fell in love with it. He’s not a big pasta guy by any means, so the fact that he liked this means I’m going to be jotting down that recipe and making it a lot more! As you can probably tell, I love carbs, which means that pasta is one of my favorite foods [Mac & Cheese anyone?]. But with Ninja not really being a fan, I tend not to make it very often. Consider that changed! :)


What do you pack for on the go meals?

Pumpkin Pie Power Balls

A Fall flavored and nutrient packed snack, these no-bake Power Balls are the perfect snack for on the go!

A new recipe? I clearly must’ve had some time on my hands this weekend. Truthfully, it had nothing to do with time and more to do with the fact that I’m craving all things pumpkin. With the heat still preventing me from turning on my oven, I’m going to have to quench this craving no-bake style for a little while! Unless of course someone wants to send me some chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Cause I’d totally be open to that ;)

This recipe is simply a new spin to my old favorite Power Ball recipe. After my last batch of Power Balls was devoured [by me, myself and I], I decided to switch things up a bit and try something new. This is the result!

Pumpkin Pie Power Balls
Nutrient packed, no-bake and a mouthful of Fall in each bite


  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 1/4 cup cinnamon protein powder [or vanilla!]
  • 1/4 cup flaxseeds
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/4 cup diced pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries

Combine all ingredients into a large bowl and mix to combine. I like to use my hands, that way I can evenly distribute all of the ingredients! Let ingredients set together and chill before rolling into 1-2 tablespoon balls.

IMG_8087 IMG_8088IMG_8093 Perfect little bites of Fall

I must say, these suckers are perfect with my new Pumpkin Spice coffee I’m having every morning. Can you tell I’m trying my best to bring the Fall weather out? My obsession with pumpkin is kind of getting out of hand now that I think about it. There’s my pumpkin coffee with my Pumpkin Pie Power Balls. Then of course there’s the pumpkin overnight oats. Oh and don’t forget the new pumpkin protein froyo I’m currently crazy over. You’ll be getting a glimpse of that very soon, so don’t fret my loves. Us pumpkin obsessed foodies need to stick together.


Has your pumpkin obsession begun yet?
What’s your favorite way to use pumpkin?

Review: Harvest Snaps

This post was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps. I have been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Not too long ago, I tried Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps and fell in love. I shared my obsession with you on this little blog of mine, and a few days later was given the opportunity to join in on the Harvest Snaps Influencer Program. Cue me dancing like a mad woman in my living room. I’m pretty sure both Ninja and my pups are scarred for life.

Despite their judgments, I still squealed like a kid on Christmas morning when my snack box arrived.

IMG_7686Imagine my surprise when not one but TWO boxes arrived.

Talk about treating your fans right! I was given 2 bags of each flavor, which meant a plethora of healthy, tasty snacks for Kat to dig into.

From Harvest Snaps:

“When it comes to "what’s inside" Harvest Snaps, it all starts with the clean flavors and essential nutrients Mother Nature intended. Our Snapea Crisps are made with all-natural peas – 70%* to be exact – while our Lentil Snaps come packed with 65% authentic lentils and their powerful combination of nutrients. Snapea Crisps and Lentil Crisps are baked, gluten-free, high in fiber and protein, low in sodium and fat.”

The Flavors:

The Snapea Crisps come in 4 flavors: Wasabi Ranch, Lightly Salted, Caesar, and Black Pepper



My favorite flavor by far was the Black Pepper. While I thought all of the flavors really popped, there was just something so incredible about the Black Pepper flavor to me. Those bags were gone in a span of a week.

My least favorite flavor was the Wasabi Ranch, but only because I can’t stand wasabi! I get that they were trying to make a “spicy” flavor, and I’m sure that other people love this flavor, but I would’ve preferred if they were just ranch flavored. Regardless, I gave these bags [after sampling] to a co-worker, who absolutely loved them.

The Lightly Salted and Caesar flavors were equal to me in terms of flavor. I thought that they were both very good, but I just loved the Black Pepper so much that it’s probably the one I would buy at the store over and over again [and I have].

The Lentil Crips come in two flavors: Tomato Basil & Onion Thyme



While I adored the Snapea Crisps, I’d say that the Lentil Crisps stole the show for me. The flavors were just so bright and on point that there’s no way that anyone could ever dislike these. I’m literally craving winter just so that I can dump a ton of these into soups. Who needs bread or cracker when you’ve got Lentil Crisps!

As far as flavor goes, I think I liked the Tomato Basil flavor just a tad bit better than the Onion Thyme, but not by much. Both flavors were really delicious. The only downside was the orange seasoning left on my fingers and face after demolishing a bag….


I have and will continue to buy Snapea Crisps and Lentil Crisps at the store, which means I guess this product gets a perfect score from me! :) They are the perfect substitute for a salty, munchie craving and with all the different flavors available you always have a good variety to choose from.

So next time your in the store and see a bag of Snapea Crisps or Lentil Crisps on a shelf, snatch those suckers up! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Thinking Out Loud #34

Hey hey there people!

Thinking-Out-Loud I’m late [once again] getting my thinking out loud post up, but my new gym schedule and new work schedule is kicking my tail. Give me a week or two to sort things out, and I’ll be back on track. Hopefully. ;)

1. Speaking of my new gym membership, I’m pretty much head over heels in love with it. Granted, I’ve run into a problem or two [like the girls who decided they wanted to chit chat right in front of the dumbbells I needed] but overall I am loving the machines and added versatility that it brings into my workouts. Of course, I’m no where near full speed due to my injury, but I’m able to lift to my little heart’s content.

gymflex Well hello there baby shoulder and bicep. It’s so very nice to see you.

2. I am, however, going to need to invest in some coffee supplies at work. Now that I am doing 5am workouts 3x a week, I’m getting my coffee at the closest Starbucks after the gym. Let’s do the math: a small coffee is $1.75 x 3 days a week. That’s going to add up, and quickly. Thankfully we have a Keurig at work, so all I need to do is bring my own grounds and filter. I might bring a cute mug too [owls or butterflies?].

starbucksselfie In the mean time though, its Starbucks to the rescue!

On a completely random note, has anyone else noticed that I do the eyebrow raise thing in almost every one of my selfies? I don’t even mean to do it! That’s just a tad bit awkward…

3. I’m forever dreaming about this sandwich. I tend to go through phases with restaurants [kind of burnt out on Chipotle right now] but I don’t see myself ever getting sick of this masterpiece.

yummysandwich I mean, just look at it!

Completely drool worthy, I know. I have legitimately craved this sandwich each and every day this week. Good thing mom and I are getting lunch together on Saturday.

4. I think my cravings for this sandwich come from the fact that it’s still in the 90s here. Good lord Mother Nature, calm the frick down! Bestie and I hit up the mall tonight for some new workout gear [my mismatched clothes don’t work so great in a real gym] and every single store had out there fall and winter stuff. Guess what people? Ain’t nobody buying sweaters in this heat!

5. Another craving that’s been arising more and more lately? My coconut butter craving.

IMG_7736 Coconut Butter Cups

IMG_7807 sweet tater topped with coconut butter & boysenberry jam

Totally and completely swoon worthy stuff right there. I actually think that my body is starting to change in regards to macronutrients. I used to be pretty carb heavy [with all of my cardio workouts/soccer/ect] but since giving up cardio two weeks ago because of my ankle, I can feel my body craving carbs less and fats more. Not that I’m complaining one bit, but it is interesting to see how the body adjusts and changes.

And now I’m off for some much needed sleep. 4:45am wake up call for me tomorrow morning to train with Bestie! Always on that grind ;)


Do you notice your body cycling through macronutrients? For example, carb heavy one month and protein heavy the next? or vice versa?

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